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Hydra-Shok outdated and gimmicky?

  1. How do the physics work of a lead post initiating expansion? It seems to me that any non-fluid body in the hollow point would inhibit opening. This bullet design has a huge following and I feel like most people are sucked in by the "Hey look, there's a post in there, bad ass right?"
    All of the pictures of these shot through gelatin show a post still standing, like it means something, like it proves the success of the bullet design. I honestly think it is a gimmick more than anything.
    Lets say I get some Hydra-Shoks and remove the post. What have I really taken away from its performance. How will it not open as well now?

    Why didn't Hornady just plug their critical defense rounds with lead? It initiates expansion right?

    Someone help me here.
  2. Fluid dynamics. The post is intended to force fluid pressures against the sides of the HP. The theory does work. Where the breakdown occurs is that sometimnes the post allows the HP to clog, limits the fluids ability to push against the side of the HP. Hornady did plug their HP, nit w/ lead but with polymer. The Hydrashok does work, most of the time. Better w/ or without the post, test have been done in the past & easy enough to test yourself. My onyl real problem w/ them is cost.
  3. I believe they are generally considered outdated bullet technology as compared to what we have available these days.