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Hydra-Shok 165gr jhp for .45acp

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I recently bought a box of Federal hydra-shok 165 grain JHP's, I tend to prefer 230 grain jhp's but these were advertised as high energy/low recoil. After firing one 8 round clip I was very impressed, I could definaly notice the reduced recoil, making follow up shots easier, the bullets have a metal rod in the hollow point, which I believe helps expansion. I intend to use these for my conceal carry rounds. My question is, do you think the 165 grain is a powerful enough load, or should I stick with the 230 grain or 185gr rounds? I have a 1911 compact and tend to stay away from +p ammo, but I am looking for a quality round that has good stoping power. Hornady makes a 185 grain bullet that has a cap over the hollow point, those are also on my next "try-ouy" list. But I did like the low recoil on these hydra shoks, but I want to make sure I am loaded with the right ammo for personal protection. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys.:cool:
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I think that is the "Personal Defense" line. They were mainly developed for SD where recoil would be a problem for someone. But there is no free lunch and I would stick with 230gr HST's.
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