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Hydra-Shok 165gr jhp for .45acp

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I recently bought a box of Federal hydra-shok 165 grain JHP's, I tend to prefer 230 grain jhp's but these were advertised as high energy/low recoil. After firing one 8 round clip I was very impressed, I could definaly notice the reduced recoil, making follow up shots easier, the bullets have a metal rod in the hollow point, which I believe helps expansion. I intend to use these for my conceal carry rounds. My question is, do you think the 165 grain is a powerful enough load, or should I stick with the 230 grain or 185gr rounds? I have a 1911 compact and tend to stay away from +p ammo, but I am looking for a quality round that has good stoping power. Hornady makes a 185 grain bullet that has a cap over the hollow point, those are also on my next "try-ouy" list. But I did like the low recoil on these hydra shoks, but I want to make sure I am loaded with the right ammo for personal protection. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys.:cool:
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I think that is the "Personal Defense" line. They were mainly developed for SD where recoil would be a problem for someone. But there is no free lunch and I would stick with 230gr HST's.[/Q

That was my concern. I really like the low recoil, ecpecially in a compact, my follow up shots feel like im shooting a 9mm, lol. But i carry a .45 for a reason, and after all is said and done I will most likely end up with 230gr, what is your personal recomendation for a quality 230gr round? At my local gun shop they only carry 185gr in personal proction rounds, wal-mart carrys the winchester 230gr jhps, but i dont consider those quality, more along the lines of target ammo, I will probably be ordering my ammo of choice online.
What about .45 ACP Federal Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point 230 Grain 900 fps ...VS the .45 ACP Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 230 Grain Hollow Point Bullet 820 fps.............I have also heard great things about Remington Golden saber
After doing some limited research I decided to order a box of 25 of the Remington Golden Saber 230 grain JHP from Midway, they cost 32$ after shipping charge. I'm sure I'll try a few more types before I make my ultimate choice, but the reviews on this ammo were all very positive and happen to be the choice of ammo that The Arkansas State Police use, so they cant be all that bad...I guess it comes down to how well they feed in my 1911.
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