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Husqvarna TE 610 Dual Sport

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Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? I used to ride a Yamaha XT 350 that was bored and had different suspension. That was a fun bike but could lose a few more pounds and gain a few more horses.

How does the Husky compare to the competition? I like the looks of the bike but I know looks are not everything. I want a bike that is more comfortable on the trails than the road. Here is a pic and link.

I really would like a Yamaha WR450F converted to dual sport but from what I understand NY won't let people convert dirtbikes.

<img src=>
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I am looking at an old photo of my WR 250. It was a tank, when Husky's were still made in Sweden. That bike would climb any hill, all you had to do was hang on. It was a 2 stroke which I normally despise, but on this bike it just flat worked.
My guess is a 610 is going to be very heavy for riding in the woods or tight trails. Remember occasionally you will have to pick it up, or get out from underneath it.
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