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Hunting in PA

  1. Can anyone give me a link for a list of approved calibers and action types(ie. bolt, semi, etc) for hunting in PA? I grew up in PA and I plan on going back to hunt with a few friends. My one friend said that PA only allows bolt action firearms to hunt with unless you use a shotgun. Is this true? It doesn't sound right to me but, I don't know. I'm talking in general and not specific seasons. I'm really interested in coyote hunting in particular, though.
  2. Caliber doesn't matter only it can not be semi. It has to have and action. I know there is also a shell limit but i'm not sure what that is

  3. I really wanted to use my AR for coyote hunting:sad:
  4. Here's the link for the PA Game Commission rules.
    PA Game Commission
    There are some caliber restrictions for small game:
    Semi auto rifles and pistols are a no-no unless you have a CCW in which case you may carry a semi auto pistol for self defence. I'm not sure about semi auto shotguns.
  5. Check here for a pdf file of this years Hunting Digest with all seasons, bag limits, and regulations.

    Check out the Coyotes page for specific info on hunting them. Sadly, semi-rifles are not allowed to be used for hunting here. But atleast you can hunt coyotes 365 days a year in PA. :)
  6. There was a thread about this in the Pafoa forum and if I remember correctly, you may hunt with an AR if it is disabled to essentially be a single shot.

    It would be advisable to contact the Pa Game Commission for verification of this as it is kind of a gray area.

    If you can find the article, i would print out the thread which I think gives specifics on this.

    I would think many Game officers will not know and you could potentially have a problem but I remember reading that it is legal.

  7. I called and was told you can carry a handgun(revolver).
    But no semi auto's

    And the only semi auto long gun you can use is a semi auto shotgun.BUT only for some types of game.
  8. What exactly did you ask?

    Prior to this year, you could not carry anything other than a revolver when hunting. However, this year you can carry a semi-auto pistol (with a CCW) while hunting.
  9. I asked 2 or 3 years ago.

    If this new information is true.I'm now wondering why I have three 357 magnums. :eyebrow:
  10. As of this year, persons with a license to carry (CCW) may carry a semi-auto pistol while hunting. You may NOT use the semi-auto to take game. If you are carrying a revolver, you may use that to take game if using a firearm is allowed.

    This year you can also carry a firearm (with a CCW) while spotlighting for deer.
  11. VERY cool, I'm so glad you posted this Steve.

    That spotting rule always bugged the heck out of me.