Hunting deer with dogs.

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    Mar 7, 2006
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    Is illegal in some places, tradition in others, and a guaranteed topic to get emotions going. It's Opening morning now, and I wish I was in the woods instead of sitting here. I believe dogs get a bad rep up north during the winter cause they run deer down in the snow and attack them, but i'm just guessing. Hunting here in the South is a little different. Dense swamps and jungle like forests hold the deer and few hunters can venture very far into these tangles. The deer know it too.
    Instead of being trained on coons or rabbits, The hounds are trained to follow deer and put up enough fuss to get the deer going, and let you hear which way there headed. The trick is getting between where the deer is now and where he's going. Simple Strategy, but not as easy as it sounds. Due to the dense cover Most shots are close and taken on the run, and buckshot is generaly the rule. If your standing on the right trail you can even be run over.
    I've learned more about deer, seeing where there jumped from, where they go, and the routes and tricks they take to evade hunters than I ever did sitting on a treestand.
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    Mar 21, 2003
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    There used to be a hunt club on the property next to where I hunt.

    They ran dogs a lot. Got the deer moving real well.

    They used short legged beagles and the deer would be walking fast when they came by, but rarely running. Much different then having a big dog run down and kill deer in the snow.

    I'd rather see folks hunt deer with dogs then hunt over bait.

    But like you said it's a controversial issue, arguments are usually made on emotion not fact. And as usual it's a small percantage of slob hunters that do thing like release dogs on neighboring properties in hopes of chasing deer onto their land that cause problems.

    Plenty of controversial topics in hunting.

    Hunting with Dogs.
    Baiting animals.
    Crossbow in archery season.
    Inline muzzle loaders.
    Semi Auto's for hunting.

    But we as hunters need to stick together or the anti's will tear hunting apart.

    I wish I ws out in the woods today to. Yesterday morning I slipped out for a couple hours before going into work. Screwed up a shot on a fork horned buck that walked right under my stand. Today the Boys have Scouting for Food so I'm not in the woods.

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    Hunting deer with dogs is a hot topic in Floriduh. Here's my take.

    I've hunted hogs with dogs and have had 101% success,where as with a tree-stand,stalk,etc.... I can't say the same.

    Hunting with deer with dogs tho, I have to say I'm aganist the practice but if it's legal then yes and if it on private manage lands even more of a YES. Public grounds hell NO.

    The problem on public grounds ( where I do 99% of my hunts ) running dogs with numerous of other hunters screws the other hunters up and you pretty much gain nada. I call it just be respecting my area and be smart about what your doing.

    Dogs can't distingusih who is where and in my experience can't distinguish doe vrs buck. So the few areas I've been where dog(s) ran deer they ran thru my area interrupting me, chasing god knows what , to god knows where. And for private land owners dogs knows of no fence or borders or the area of the playground to sort of speak of. They ( dogs ) if left uncontrolled will run a deer into next week ;)

    I'm support all means of huntings and styles ( as hunter ), but dog chasing deer is not one of areas. Where i do love seeing dogs are field retrieve, waterfowl hunts, and hog hunts. The are a great helper and it's nice to see that tongue hanging out and that warm nose sweating.

    imho the proper way to hunt deer would be a deer drive with hunters,ground-stalk,tree stands and even over bait. Running dogs is something for the private grounds and only if you stay on your grounds. Also the dogs takes alot away from the individual ( hunter ) , who needs to know how to track/observe/spot/scout his prey. In running the dog(s) it takes this knowledge from the hunter and places it in the dog hands or should I say paws ;)

    FWIW: Flo-Ri-Duh game officials have started to cite and ticket people for trepass with dogs over the last 2 tears or so. It has gotten that far out of hand down south. They even in some areas requires tags, idenitify dog/owner and if you caught with an untagged dog , you cite/ticket for this.

    They had todo this, due to the big demand of un controlled dogs running thru people properties,roadside, across huntclubs lease,etc....... It's pretty bad the farther north into central florida and beyond.
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    Oct 9, 2003
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    If it's legal and you aren't breaking any laws or ethical standards (like interrupting other hunters as noway addressed), I don't care what you use. If it is legal to fish with dynamite in your area, Fire in the hole!!!

    I have better things to worry about than the LAWFULL actions of another person.

    As what happended in MI when the people voted not to allow the DNR to establish a dove hunting season. It got shot down miserably (NPI). Even hunters voted no. Well, no dove hunting in Michigan. What's next? No bears? No deer? Those cute little coyotes.
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    I'd rather hunt with a dog than not. I've never hunted deer with dogs. I've never been anyplace where it would work very well. In fact I train my dogs off chasing deer.

    I really don't understand why folks look down on hunting with dogs. Some say that the dogs do all the work or it's unfair or unsporting. I don't see chase dogs any different than upland bird dogs or retrievers. Except for the deep love of my dogs, they are really no different than a rifle or call in as far as they are a means to find and kill an animal.

    As far as the work, yeah in the field they work their asses off, but that doesn't just magically happen.

    I've heard all sorts of things about how hunting with dogs "really is". My favorite is the description of lion hunting. Apparantly I've been doing it all wrong and the real way is to drop your dogs off in the mountains and go to a bar. Then you use tracking collars and when the dogs stop in one place you know to finish your beer and drive right up to the tree with the lion and shoot it. If you're real good the lion will fall right in the back of the truck. Then you pile the dogs in and go back to the bar to show off your catch. It's just silly, but that's what some folks think.

    I've never been much of a still hunter. It bores me. I much prefer to stalk or chase. Active hunting. I figure if I'm just going to cover a small chunk of ground from a stand I might as well stick a few traps in. They'll sit there 24/7.

    The public land issue really depends on where you are. Back east they're tiny dots of green on a map. There are millions of acres in AZ alone. One of my favorite places to hunt is 285,000 acres of Wilderness in the middle of 1.2 million acres of Forest. Since most folks without horses don't get much more than a mile or two from a road, there's more than enough room. About the only trouble with running into folks is if the dogs happen to run across a dirt road and some do-gooder bird watcher thinks it's lost and gathers it up.