Hunting Black Bears in OR.

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    Well it's time to get out and hunt Black Bears.

    I get a tag every year, but I usualy do not get to go. This year I want to give it a go.

    You can NOT bait, or use dogs to hunt them in OR.. I think I will try the coast range areas.

    If anyone has some good tips on hunting them especialy in OR.
    I would like to hear from you.

    I will be using my Armalite AR-10/A4 in .308 win. Open sights, and a scope. All set in the Gun department. I just need info on the
    "How To", and the where to hunt part.

    Safe Hunting All.
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    Mar 28, 2001
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    Hey, Orsectrain--

    I am down the pike a ways near Myrtle Creek; and I can tell you that the ban on hounds and baiting has left us with very little spare room....the bears hereabouts are THICK.

    I don't think you'd like the coast range hunting as much as the Old Cascade area, or even just around Eugene, Springfield, Salem...those back roads lead to many interesting areas, no? Where there are berries, you'll find bears.

    And cats. Cougars are just as populous, but even more shy. I avoid coast-range hunting for dangerous species just because I don't want to be up to my wazoo in rain-forest growth with a yet-unseen, 200 lb salivating carnivore chasing me around the brush. Stuff gets too thick! Shots are typically short of the and quick running variety.

    Unless, of course, you can find a recent burn...a good burnt swath in dense brush usually makes for great hunting, esp. along the edges dusk & dawn. Glass from the highest available point in range of a promising game trail, and hunker doen for a way to hunt ever invented, IMHO!! Especially for blacktails.

    Well, let us know how the planning goes...I'll be after an elk and a bear this year...Fiancee is in love with the idea of the crackling fire in the fireplace, and champagne (and HER) on the bearskin rug in front of the hearth....! WHOOOHOOOO!! Ever heard of a better reason to go hunting?!?

    All that and a big, juicy rack of Bear ribs,


    Ps. Post a PM to me if you want to hook up for a shoot/hunt soon.

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    Aug 16, 2002
    wow sounds like you boys kinda sorta got it ruff up there, by not being able to bait or run dogs. i thank god i live in new mexico where you can do both. Ive been watching this 450 lb female for about 5 months now i got 1 more month to go and then she will be laying on my bedroom floor next to the other ones. good luck