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Hunt for Reds in October

  1. Anyone else fish this tournamnet? My team caught one red (me :> ) 4 spots, but undersized. That Hewes 16 with a 90 Yamaha sure would have looked good in my backyard. Guess I'll stick with the Whaler for another year. Did win a Power Pole push pole (325$) at the raffle. Had a great time, look into it for next year, best 30$ you will spend and you get that back plus some with the free lures and shirts and ect.
  2. I fished it, didn't win anything though, tournament or raffle. That power pole is a nice prize. Did I hear correctly that you sold it to someone afterwards? Hope he didn't tell you it's worth $325. I believe the price is more like $850-900. Guess you got back more than the dollar you put in for the raffle anyway.

    We managed to get four slot size fish. All with a measly 2 spots each.

  3. No I did not sell it, however the price tag on it marked it as 325. I too was under the impression that it was about 6-700 bux. I'm gonna go ahead and mount a platform on the Whaler, the boat only drafts like 2 inches so it will makes for a good poling skiff.

    Them damn reds were HARD to find that weekend! Owell better luck next year.
  4. I see now, you won the push pole itself, not the power pole shallow water anchor, right? Nice prize. The guy that got the power pole sold it to another guy that won one of the casting platforms.

    By the way, do you carry on the water out there? I've been hesitant to as I know there are areas out there where firearms are prohibited. I don't like being out there by myself with just a knife though!

  5. I carry everywhere on the IRL. I have never seen a sign or know of any state parks that have tributaries. Would have loved to win that power pole anchor, they are pretty bad ass :> It would have been more expensive than the boat however :>
  6. Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge has signs prohibiting firearms, yet I know people duck hunt in there? Not really sure, especially concerns me that there are NASA security zones all over the place over there that are poorly marked if marked at all. I'd think those guys would have a field day with me if the caught me inadvertantly carrying in one of those zones. Too much confusion over there with who controls what, you've got the Marine Patrol, Fish and Wildlife Commission, NASA Security, Brevard County Sheriffs office, Air Force MP's around Canaveral Air Force base,Coast Guard around the port/locks, US Park Service LEO's in Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge...and there's probably one or more I'm forgetting. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing over there. Makes it hard to determine what laws apply to where and even when(everything changes when the shuttle is on the pad, as you surely know).

  7. Most of the off limit areas are off limits ALL the time. The MI wildlife area may be a problem, however nowhere else that I know of is a concern. I have been stopped casually a few time by FMP and not once did they ask me if I was armed :> MAybe I just luck out and catch fish where its legal to carry :> anyways gotta RUN..MOVING to the new house on the IR :> and I cant type worth a damn on this laptop.