Hubcap Prank

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    A guy goes with his girl to a motel and is surprised to see his best friend's car outside one of the rooms. He thinks to himself, It's noon, I thought he was at work…

    So he decides to play a joke on him and takes one of the hubcaps from his car.

    That same night, he goes to his friend's house, knocks on the door and tells his friend, "Hey, look what I found!!"

    His friend replies, "Hey that's my hubcap, were did you get it from?"

    The guy lowers his voice and says, "Don't play dumb with me, I saw your car outside the motel at noon today!"

    His friend stands there quietly for a moment, goes back into the house, goes to the kitchen, and tells his wife, "Look honey, I found the hubcap you lost at the supermarket today!"