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How Well Do the Limbsaver Butt Pads work at Reducing Felt Recoil? Is It Worth Swapping Out?

  1. Hey all,

    I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with a 21 inch barrel and a +4 mag extension. It's set up to be like a 3-gun shotgun, but I have it for home defense and general shooting fun.

    I love the gun except for 1 thing, the felt recoil it produces. Even when shooting the Wally World 100 round target loads it's not pleasant. I need something to make it better or I am going to start thinking about a new shotgun that's set up similar to this one like a Beretta 1301 Tactical.

    I've seen that lots of shotgunners use a recoil pad from Limbsaver. They seem to be the only worthy game in town I guess. I don't know the model, but it's the one that is made to swap out with the factory butt pad.

    I'd like to know how well they work. Do they make much of a difference from the factory pad? If they're not that much of a decrease in felt recoil, I'll have to explore other choices from Benelli and see what will fit and what is AFFORDABLE.

    Can you all offer any first shoulder accounts on these Limbsaver pads. If you have any other suggestions as to how to reduce the felt recoil on my M1S90, I'd sure like to hear them.
  2. I use Limb savers on a lot of shotguns. Yes they work. Felt recoil is at least 1/2 or more.

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  3. I have a patchmayer decelerator on a savage varminter 30-06 and it was a great improvement over the factory pad from savage. I could say that easily cut the felt recoil in half.
  4. I have had a few factory style mount limbsavers and would say they do seem to cut felt recoil. I wouldn't go so far as to put a percentage on it as it seemed to be more gun specific in results.

    I think the only way you will know for certain is to try one on your specific gun you mount to your specific frame.
  5. I keep Low-Recoil rounds in my HD shotgun. I think that is the most sensible place to start if you want to reduce recoil.
    I have no experience with the Limbsaver, but if it's anywhere as effective as a Decelerator, get it.
  6. I have the slip on Limbsaver on my 12 gauge Remington 870. It really works. I can shoot 100 shells of trap and the recoil isn't a problem. The one negative is that it increases length of pull which I think could be an issue depending on arm length.
  7. I put a slip on limb saver on my wife’s 12 gauge. She likes it much better now, I personally haven’t tried it but it seems to be an improvement according to her.
  8. Lots of Marlin owners use Limbsaver on .45-70 Guide Guns and report significant recoil reduction. Its worth a try before giving up on a gun because it 'kicks' too hard.
  9. Not only do they reduce recoil they feel a lot more comfortable resting on the shoulder.

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  10. Waiting for somebody to market a gauge to measure recoil.

    Then I'll wait for the tactical version.
  11. They are absolutely awesome. I had a Benelli Nova that would beat the crap out of me with dove loads. I installed the Limbsaver an it was as gentle as a baby afterward. I run them on every shotgun I have. Pick one up, you won't be disappointed.
  12. I useslip on limbsaver on my Remington 870 super mag with the wood stock and it works. I can shoot 12ga slugs no problem. Sythetic stocks now have the super cell from the factory.
    I also use the slip on for bolt action rifles greater than 30-06 at the range.
    Shoot alot of rounds wearing a tee shirt and do not need to modify the stock.
  13. I find the slip-on Limbsaver to reduce recoil by about 25% to 33.33333%.

    Someone above said 50%, but I think that is unrealistic. A quarter to a third reduction of recoil, however, is a good bet :)
  14. Hahaha

    That was me. I’m a recoil junkie though.

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  15. They do reduce recoil noticeably but they are a bit sticky/grabby. On a fast shouldering/aiming/ squeezing the stock will stick where it's positioned on your shoulder.
  16. I have one on my UBR stocked .458 SOCOM. It certainly helps a little bit.
  17. Yes, quite grabby.
  18. I have a Beretta 1201FP, which is a cousin of the Benelli Super 90 M1. It came with the too long OEM straight stock with hard rubber butt plate. That was brutal.
    I switched to a Choate pistol grip stock. That had adjustable LOP and a decent recoil pad...much better.
    Then I found that Limbsaver makes their Airtech pad to fit the Choate stock. What a difference. Recoil now is no problem...I could shoot slugs all day now.
  19. I use the slip on. Makes a big difference.
  20. You biggest problem is shooting a recoil/inertia operated shotgun.
    I bought a Benelli Super Sport when they first came out specifically to shoot ATA trap. Their gel-tech pad is crap so I replaced it with a slip-on limbsaver. Even shooting light 1oz factory loads the accumulative recoil from 300 rounds during a typical tournament day would leave me somewhat punchy. Go to a gas gun. Dirtier to clean but your shoulder and noggin will thank you.
  21. I use a kynshot, recoil reducing buffer tube on my vepr. 3" went from literally hurting with every shot to being mild.

    Just another option.
  22. Yes, the Limbsaver pads work well. tom. :cowboy:

  23. Magna Port here in Michigan has a deal, send them the barrel. They have some port patterns to select from and ream the forcing cones. That greatly reduces recoil and its reasonably affordable.
    That will make you a better shooter than just a replacement butt pad.

    Best wishes
  24. I have Limbsaver slip on's, on all my Mosins. Goal #1 is extending length of pull to something manageable for someone other than a 5' 4" Ukrainian in winter gear.

    Goal #1-B is reducing felt recoil, the old girls tend to have a bit of a push.

    It is not unusual for me to bring 3 rifles to the range on a single trip, am always tweaking this and that, and not unusual for me to fire 100-150 rounds.

    That will work you, and in pre Limbsaver days, would often be sitting in church with my hand under my suit coat, trying to massage out the Mosin shoulder.

    Same reason I opted for the Shockwave ATI stock for my VEPR, 7.62x64R is not like plinking .22LR, other than in cost.
  25. Another yes vote from a guy with one on a 12-gauge.