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How to permanently get rid of ASK tool/menu bar?

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I installed this thing by mistake when installing another application. I uninstalled the app, but the ASK toolbar is still there. anyone know how to get rid?

Windows XP using Firefox 3.6.2
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Sorry, folks. I figured it out. go to the add/remove software and find it under Ask. Easily removed just like any other program.
good work man
You're a lucky guy. I had the same issue over the weekend. I couldn't get it off, even after using Revo Uninstaller. Drove me nuts. Had to do a System Restore (Vista) to an earlier state to finally lose the bar. They truly suck.
Those third-party bars are awefull. I was a bit too quick with the mouse click, and neglected to read the screen before I ok'ed it.
I patted myself on the back too soon. I rebooted the laptop tonight and the Ask toolbar has returned. It must write something to the registry and like novelty birthday candle, will not die.:steamed:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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