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how to get photos from photobucket on to gt

  1. I loaded my pics to photobucket, but now I cant get them on here. Can someone please tell me how to do this. THanks
  2. If you got the pic loaded onto photobucket, then you'll see 3 colums of codes below each pic.
    These are the links for your new pic.

    Select one (url type link at the bottom is easiest for most things).

    Hit control C to copy, then go back to glocktalk and ctrl V (paste) the url address into your post.

    Then when you post the website software uploads the hosted pic from the link.
    Don't change or delete the photo on your PB account after you post the link or it will disappear from the glocktalk web page.

    Your not actually posting the pic here, you post the link to the image hosted somewhere else, but when you look at the thread the pic appear here without having to store that large pic file here at glocktalk.

  3. Thanks for the help minuteman. I was able to get one picture to come up, but I cant get all of them to go.
  4. See this thread. I just typed out a reply about this.
  5. Thanks C-mama. That got me all straightened out.
  6. Good. :) :thumbsup:
  7. Does anyone know if photos on Snapfish will work? I'm already a member there and would like to use that.
  8. Check here to see their support page. It does not look like they will let you share with a forum site. :sad: