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How to counsel a son going into LE....

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Yeah, I'm in a pissy mood.
But honestly, I can hear it now: "Well, son, what did you learn at the academy today?"

"Dad, they told me everyone and anyone may want to kill me just because I am a LEO."

"Hell, son, you know that's not true. I know it's not true. If it were true, all LEOs would be dead already."

"Thanks, dad. I guess you're right."

"Hey son, what did your FTO teach you today?"

"Dad, he told me to tell you to STFU!"

"How dare he say that about me. He doesn't know me. I certainly know what is best for my son. I'm your father."

"Dad, STFU."


Some people just have effed up priorities.
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I would tell him if he raised his son to be like him to tell the son not to waste his time going into LE, he will either wash out or get himself killed by his own stupidity,

Frankly I am getting fed up with the mealy mouthing whiners who resent any and all authority and are constantly whining about non existent rights. (Like the apparent "right" not to be asked something by the cops.)

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I am quickly coming to the conclusion that individuals on this forum are just *******s and that they resent the authority that we have because they are cowards and lack the ability to do what we do.

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A lot of it is a resentment of authority, ANY authority. the "nobody has the right to tell me what to do" mindset is well established in a lot of posters here.

Of course that is their internet persona, in real life I doubt they would dare to mouth off even 1% of the crap they do on the internet, in person.

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On my last ride-along another officer stopped a young guy for a moving violation. When he ran him, he had 48 points on is permit. The officer was new. My guy was his FTO, so he called and asked if he'd come help him sort it all out.

We got there and the officer was asking the kid questions. Where were you going so fast? - Home.

Where were you coming from? - Work.

Where do you work? - Circuit City.

The two officers had a little side-bar and came back and started doing the paperwork. The officer who stopped him said, "Sorry to hear about your job. Do you have anything else lined up?" - No sir, not yet.

"Well, we're not going to write you for everything. Your company just announced its bankruptcy and closing everything. We aren't going to pile on, but you must take care of what we are writing. You'll do that?" - Yes sir, and thank you sir. Not many people have even acknowledged the problems the Circuit City workers are having. You stop me for doing something wrong and YOU show sympathy.

He then shook both officer's hand, a genuine, real handshake that means something.

Yeah, cops should only ask for what is relevant to the stop. I mean, they never do any good with the information they get.

I'm looking forward to his responce to my comments. He ignored the first set.
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