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How Smith & Wesson almost went out of business

  1. Thanks for posting Libertarian...

    Personally, I was well aware of what occurred but it was an interesting read.

    By way of a rhetorical question....just how does one COMPROMISE liberty,

    It exists or it doesn't....but it can't be compromised.

    NOW, hopefully an interesting observation....

    For years the "pro-gun" people have seen the ever creeping guns laws as a prelude to confiscation.

    Always the "anti-gun" side has simply dismissed this idea as propaganda to stand in the way of "reasonable restrictions".

    Well. it seems the fog may have lifted a bit. Both Andrew Coumo and the New Jersey legislature have openly called for the Confiscation of the offending weapons.

    It seems we might have been right all along.
  2. Thanks for the recent history lesson.

    “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” Edmund Burke
  3. But...but...but...MSNBC told me that the NRA is just a lobbying group for the big corporations in the gun industry and S&W is about the biggest...did somebody lie to me. :upeyes:

    What about Ruger? I've always heard more about the boycott against Ruger than S&W by a long shot.
  4. That was when S&W was owned by a British company, so why should anyone be surprised they did that? My question is why are they still putting the lock on their revolvers?
  5. Interesting read. Thanks for posting!

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  6. I think their home state requires it to sell them there.
  7. When I was at the S&W booth at last week's SHOT Show, I spoke with one of S&W's managers and asked how much trouble Mass's anti gun attitudes caused the company?

    He said they'd changed their approach from the past where the corporate attitude was to threaten shutdowns and moving. They felt that not only hurt local residents but amounted to a win for the anti gun lobby, so they now choose to fight anti gun proposals.

    Why would anyone be surprised by a company owned by Brits caving to Wash. DC on gun control issues? Their liberals are even worse than ours and simply can't comprehend what the 2nd Amendment means to us. Don
  8. Companies smarten up. smith wont do it again. Look at other examples....Ruger is booming and making cool stuff after there founding traitor died. Barrets well loved for making a stand.
  9. 'tried to do the right thing' ... ?

    journalistic slant much ? ... :puking:

  10. Love Barrett, S&W fired the idiots responsible and put back the people fired for protesting the change so they're forgiven in my book, Ruger... Forgiven but not forgotten.

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  11. Yeah, now they actually make the stuff that people want to buy. Before they only made what Bill Ruger thought you needed.

  12. Bill Ruger was so stuck in the past that he would not let the company engineers use CAD systems to do their design work as long as he lived. They were still using pencils and paper to design guns years after the entire world had been into computers for many years. They finally started using them only after he died, and now design every gun with 3D CAD.

    One form of stupidity usually goes hand-in-hand with lots of others.
  13. I agree... Trying to do the right thing bout put them out of business.... Good to see they are digging in their heels this time around....
  14. Very good read, thanks for posting.
  15. That's the only way a ban would be effective. You can't stop something with a ban on said thing and leave a massive amount of said thing in the "wild". We all know this on some level and that's the point they want to get to. You see how New Jerk did the magazine bans. From 15 to 20 down to 10 now down to 7 with anything over 10 having to be removed from the state.

    Of course you will hear the reason why this ban doesn't work is all the "illegal" high cap mags (only illegal because they are not New Jerk registered like illegal guns) coming into the state.