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how reliable are armscor 1911s?

  1. kept stock (for now), how reliable are they?
    looking at getting a full-size, ambisafety single stack 8rnd mag for ~20k P for the meantime that im here in Phil
  2. IMHO, very reliable... I lke to use Tripp or Wilson Mags in all my 1911's, though.
  3. Any mag will do for these, but I also personally use wilson mags. I have not encountered any failure on this pistol, but if you intend to have the gunsmith tinker with it anyway, suggest polishing the ramp and throat just to be sure, check on the tension of the extractor as when I got mine, there was no tension at all and I definitely went straight to the gunsmith.

    Overall, it is reliable and dependable
  4. okay for me sir. many have said i was just lucky but i think armscor has already perfected the 1911a1. nung pinakita ko sa father ko i think with his experience sa baril eh expert judge na xa d ba? and he said if this kind of pistol costs you only 19k all in all then instead of buying 1 para ordinance all buy 3 armscor 1911. may kaibigan rin ako pina black chrome nya etc very gud din yung performance. dami na nya pinagawa para gumanda talaga. but for me i did have it throat tho yung lang. yung prob ko lng at first eh yung stock screw but i had it replaced then walnut grips lng, lahat2x d same pa rin. medyo takot nga ibang shooter eh ksi hammer bite pa rin but i dunno gusto ko yung parang dumudugo kamay ko eh. hehehe joke. gusto ko yung ganun lang itsura nya. btw yep wilson din for me. mahal ang P.I. but okay lng i could bet my life with it naman eh. may police ako kaibigan binenta nya para ord nya at bumili dalawa armscor 1911 para sa anak nya na gragraduate na rin sa pag ka pulis. kaso yung napapangitan lng ng karamihan sa G.I. na 1911 ng armscor eh yung tatak na " Armscor 45 " sa slide . heheh

    by the way, you have the armscor 1911 right now?:)
  5. A gunsmith can fix that "armscor 45" markings on the slide. It will just cost you a few bucks for asthetics.
  6. maganda naman ang armscor 1911s. i havent owned one but i was able to use several armscor 1911s from my friends and when i shoot at armscor, i borrow their 1911s as well. :)
  7. armscor is really reliable... like what jimbullet said all u need to do is polish and throat the ramp and check the tension of the extractor. if i were u i would also change the trigger :) i lot of shooters here in the philippines uses armscor as their base gun. i really regret selling my armscor 1911a1 practical series :(
  8. i applied cold blue solution to the "Armscor 45" so they can only be seen upon very close examination markings. i didnt like the cheap looking silvery paint on the etched marking.
  9. check out M1911.org

    they have an area there for exclusive for armscor and rock island. a lot of people in the states are happy with their armscors