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How often do you train?

  1. A post in the Antifa thread got me thinking...
    How often do you actually train with gear or take a firearms training class?

    I am somewhat hooked on classes lately. I've taken probably 6 pistol/rifle classes in the past 9 months or so. For me, I just like running and gunning and testing my gear.
    Since I cant do it on my own property, I need a venue. Might as well get some instructional knowledge while I'm at it.

    I'm not trying to judge at all here. I'm just curious to know how many people on a gun forum actually train consistently with their guns/gear?
    Or how many just have a gun that sits in your nightstand drawer that hasnt been fired in a year or so?
  2. When the opportunity presents itself, but I'm a natural born gunfighter that needs no training.
  3. Deleted

    Wrong kind of train.....
  4. I have seen both John Wick movies.

  5. Never have but did do a few bus trips over the years!!!
  6. I will be the first to admit that I don not train nearly often enough.
    My work has me on the road so much that range time is very sporadic.
  7. Couple times a month. Draw from concealment, two rounds and reload two rounds. Few hundred rounds a month. Nothing fancy, but I get my weapon out and holster without shooting myself or anyone else. Figure most screwups happen drawing and holstering. Trigger control.
  8. I lol'd
  9. I am training weekly with a retired Air Marshall. I’m no where near the skill level he is but I have learned a lot. I also take at least 1 pistol and rifle class each year.
  10. Don't know if it's "training", but I shoot in the backyard about every couple days.
  11. Daily.
  12. there’s not an option for multiple times a week and classes..
  13. Does he think everyone should be able to carry on a plane??? :laughing:
  14. I do recurrent training three times a year and do two 14 CFR § 61.58 - Pilot-in-command proficiency checks each year. ;)
  15. I used to go weekly but life happens. Just go when I can. I still fondle my guns at times.
  16. Be sure to train with someone who is qualified to teach. Most training around here is just some fatassed loudmouth acting like his opinions are facts.
  17. With dudes?

  18. I train and practice everyday. I try to squeeze in some range time every couple days. Its nice when you have your own range. I wish everybody could be that lucky.
  19. I think its been two years since I've shot. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
  20. 95 degrees and 110 on the paved range. No thanks, I'll train in the fall!
  21. To avoid an indoor range here, I have to drive an hour or more in any direction.T $20 of gas in my truck and 2+ hours of driving to go shooting. That's why I rarely go.
  22. I shoot at least twice a week: rifle and pistol. Have been dryfiring quite obssessively also. Guys at club all have shirts that say stuff like "Thunder _ _ _ _ _" "Gun_ _ _ _" and such. All I ever took was a 500 yard class, but I had no bipod or 30x scope. I was kind of in with the wrong bunch.
    Everybody's good but me. Oh well, I'm going tomorrow to try it again- only this time left-hand only with pistol. Was booking down Kansas Avenue on bicycle today and didn't see the curb of one of those gay medians they put there for no good reason. Went over the bars and hit bricks hard! My wrist is killing me! Probably have it X-rayed in the morning. This is what interferes my training- still trying to do kid stuff and suffering the repercussions. I'm not a kid; was coming back from having SS card and DL photocopied at new job business office when I crashed. My SS card looks like some old paper from the 10th Century or something.
  23. I did too!
  24. Generally an ICORE, IDPA and a Steel Challenge match each month.
  25. I like this
  26. He said yes when I asked him that question. But then again, he is a huge 2nd Amendment guy. He was a big part of KY getting Constitutional Carry passed this year.
  27. IMO, this is two different questions. I do training 4-7 times per year under the eyes of an instructor. I practice weekly or every other week, on my own, incorporating the things I learned in training.
  28. Pretty much what I've seen.
  29. Nice.
    That's what I do.
  30. Train for what? Are the Russians coming? Wolverines!
  31. You bum, let me know when you’re doing a rifle course I’ll see if I can get work to send me
  32. Doggone, do you have a job?!:D
  33. They`re already here. As well as the chinese. Demorats welcomed them in with open arms.
  34. Well when your retired, you get really bored...lol
  35. Every damn day....that doesn't even count all the John Wick and Jack Reacher movies I watch... 'Cause that's how I roll.....
  36. I do train regularly, although lately a lot less regularly than when I have more time. Building a house and getting the old one ready to sell doesn’t leave a lot of time for fun.

    I am fortunate to have a place near me where I can setup a course of fire that gives me a good baseline for comparing how I am doing. A shot timer is a must to actually know where I stand.

    A normal practice day for me will be 400 rounds and 100-150 draws and reholsters. Lots of moving and shooting. It is amazing how quickly skills diminish when left fallow.
  37. I do physical training almost every day. Mostly tabata squats, tabata pushups, and stair climbing in the nine story building adjacent to my office building. Very fast and efficient workouts. Rarely over 15 min. Usually 3:50, which is the time required to trash myself with tabatas. I'm teaching our 12 year old daughter to lift weights. Since I'm there anyway, I've been working a linear progression of bench press and rows, but that's not my main plan.

    Firearms? Probably not often enough. I trained quite a bit for several years and I think it stuck fairly well. The last time I did some timed dry-fire from concealment, I was able to get a "shot" off in about a second after not practicing for at least a year. The last time I went to the range, I was about as good as I ever was when I trained much more. Still, I'm sure I could do better with more and better training. As with many others, time is very limited.
  38. I had to Google 'Tabata'. Climbing stairs, especially 2 at a time, is a brutally effective leg-wind workout. It actually will be my next workout phase in my recovery from recent major surgery.
  39. I try to get to the range every Thursday when I can afford it and I do practice on occasion at home with my dry fire and draw from concealment, just to affirm my muscle memory! At my age, this is good enough!
  40. I usually go once a week for target practice/marksmanship. I also try to attend 2-4 classes per year on an outside course where I can shoot in and around vehicles, shoot and move, draw and mag change, etc.
  41. Weak sauce. I've trained with all THREE John Wick movies AND all the John Woo movies. Take a good look at me, I'm an Oriental.
  42. Uhhh...

    There are three John Wick movies. Sounds like you need to train again
  43. Who has time to shoot. I am too busy killing it on GT.

    Woot look at my post count!!!!
  44. I try to go shooting most weekends. I say I probably average about 2-3 times a month.
  45. Yeah.
    Getting all that Sun when you are younger, shows up later as Skin Cancer.

    This time of year I try to shoot while standing under the Trees, or under the Car Port.
    I should have had the Car Port built many years ago.
  46. After a good set of tabata squats, the new trainee often feels something up against his cheek. That's the floor.

    The building is nine stories tall. I've worked up to climbing it three times. Rather than go for four, I'm going to add weight.
  47. Shooting at the range is practicing.

    Taking a class or attending a seminar where you recieve instruction is training.

    In that vein, most carriers NEVER train, and never will, except state mandatory training.
  48. As for formal training, I have taken 9 defensive handgun courses over the last twenty some years. I will continue to take more courses if/when they are available locally. I go to the range (either our club’s outdoor range or a local indoor range) at least 5 times a month to practice what I have learned in those courses....
  49. Try to practice weekly. But I will say that one competition is worth half a dozen range sessions.
  50. I try my best to get to the range and shoot something every weekend. I really train with a personal defense weapon about once a month.