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How often do you clean your Glock Sub?

  1. Is is alright to clean it after every 500 rounds or so?;4
  2. Hello. I clean mine anytime that I shoot it. Since I carry it 7 days a week in a pocket holster, it does gather lint. I clean this out once-per-week even if I don't shoot it.

  3. clean it after every visit to the range, or if it sits in pocket or drawer, once a month.
  4. Its easier that way for me. I use Breakfree and it comes off real easy.
  5. I clean mine every week, usually the evening after I shoot. Glocks are so easy to clean, I can't see any reason to leave them dirty. It's probably my imagination but mine seems to shoot better when it's nice and clean. I think it's happier! ;)
  6. I clean immediately after returning from the range, if possible. I don't like having dirty guns around, and my G27 is my primary carry weapon. Don't want to take any chances with it.
  7. I clean my G26 about every 500 rounds or so, typically every few range sessions. Even at 500 rounds, there's not much "dirt" to remove.

    At the other extreme for me, is my Ruger Mark II .22LR target pistol. I clean it every time I shoot it, even though it's much harder to clean. It just looks filthy after a shoot and is twitchier than a Glock.

  8. I usually clean it after I get done shooting it. You could probably never clean it and it would still shoot fine, although I don't reccomend doing that.
  9. Clean it after every trip to the range, clean the mags once a month.
  10. As my old DI at Ft, Polk told us,
    "Never let the sun set on a dirty weapon".
    I live by that to this day. :cool:
  11. i personally think that anyone that does not clean their gun every time they fire it, shouldnt own a gun
  12. I would not carry a dirty gun. Say you are in a mall and there is a shooting, you are carrying, but do not shoot. In this situation it is nice to have a clean gun to immediately establish you did not fire.
  13. Stephen Camp... what kind of pocket holster do you use?

  14. Hello, Strange. It is a Galco PH286 and is made of horsehide.

  15. Thanks. Does it do a good job of breaking up the outline to avoid "printing" when wearing snug fitting jeans for example?

  16. Hello. No! This will not work in tight pockets. They must be loose, "Docker" type pants/pockets. There is a bulge, but in a year no one's noticed.
    No discernable gun outline's visible, but I believe the package would just be too bulky for jeans.

  17. Have you heard of anyone using or liking the leather kramer pocket hoster with the flat kydex panel attached?
  18. Hello. No, sir. I have not.


  19. I clean mine after each shooting session, no matter how many rounds I put through it. I know that Glocks will take a lot of abuse, but why risk having your gun fail in an emergency, becuse it was dirty. Remember, Father Murphy and his law rules the universe!!! ;)
  20. After each time I shoot...I bring it home, break it down and clean it up...

    Having said that...another guy I know cleans his once a month 'whether it needs it or not'.
  21. clean and lube after each range session!
  22. Of course you would also have to have gun power residue on your clothing and hands to really feel guilty ;)

    I haven't clean my G27 in over a year. Probably feed 5-600 rounds through it over 3 range visits (including some particularly nasty Wolfe ammo). Hasn't hiccuped one bit. I don't carry (yet) so it's not to critical I guess. I've gone longer without cleaning over the years through various Glock's and haven't had one bit of problem.

    Actually, the only time I've ever had a problem with a Glock was the first time I took my G27 to the range. Going through my 3 magazine of Corbon the recoil rod broke. Didn't realize what had happened because it stove piped a shell. Went to clear it and the slide went all the way back and wouldn't go forward. I went out and bought a new one from Ajax and didn't bother contacting Glock since it was cheap enough. I wound up getting a new one in the mail a couple of weeks later. Must have been an issue, I don't know.
  23. I have made a habit of cleaning mine each morning. I remove the magazine, lock the slide back, and insert a plastic coated metal cable up through the grip and out the ejector port. I loop this around my neck, ala "Glock on a rope". Then I take a normal shower. I towel dry, remove the cable, replace the magazine and chamber a round. Volia! A squeaky clean Glock, ready to rock and roll!

    I hope you find this method useful. ;f
  24. I clean my Glock after every shooting session. I also clean it once a week whether it needs it or not. It is sort of a Zen-like thing to get into the habit of doing. Kinda like a modern Samurai preparing for life's little battles. Just because a weapon can take alot of abuse does not mean you shouldn't take pride in it's condition.
  25. Cleaned & Lubed after each range visit.
  26. I don't clean my 27 everytime I shoot it. I have no reason to think it needs it. Heck, that's why I got a Glock!
  27. Bad billy
    "i personally think that anyone that does not clean
    their gun every time they fire it, shouldnt own a gun"

    I agree,,,,I just don't understand how someone can just toss a filthy weapon in a drawer and not feel guilty. Maybe it is my military background, but it's just not right. It will take you 7 minutes tops to clean a glock....no excuse no to.

  28. It's one of those things...a Glock is a combat weapon. It performs regardless. That's why I love it! :D
  29. Every time I come back from the range I field strip my 27 and clean all the main components. About once every 2 months I give it a MAJOR clean- every part that I can get my hands on gets a clean, magazine parts included
  30. I clean a gun every time I shoot it. Its a good habit to get into, I think. I also clean my concealed carry weapon, a 27, every week or so, whether I shoot it or not. I find that lint can collect inside the barrel and around the back slide cover plate, from shirts and my Smart Carry. Plus, its just plain fun to take it apart and clean it, so why not? :D But will it work without it? Of course it will.
  31. I clean and lube after every shooting session. The last thing I want is a dirty weapon on my person if I get searched for some reason...sort of like dirty underwear.;) I don;t want to be carrying the recently fired weapon at a shootout in the mall, unless i was involved of course.