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How often are BTF/FTE happening?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by CaneyCat, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. CaneyCat


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    Aug 1, 2008
    South Texas
    I used to love coming here too read and learn new things, but after not using GT for a while I come back to find that most of the posts are people talking about the problems with new Gen3's and Gen4 Glocks. A lot of the posts seem to come from new members and when you think about it, Most people go on the internet to look for answers to a problem and the ones without a problem just keep on shooting. My brother works at a gun shop, so I asked him about it and he said he has never had a Glock come back with issues and that if he had to buy a new Glock right now it would be a Gen4. Which makes me wonder how often are these problems really occurring?
  2. mo.glocker


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    Feb 5, 2010
    i hear ya,i have been away for some time do we need 100 post on how my glock hit me 1 out of 50 rds today,or oh my new gen 3 19 is sprinkler ejecting.or how i didnt punctuate somthing the correct way,some of these people are really pathetic.we are all just talking on hear,and the truth is these guns are working!i havent read anywhere in the glock manual that they promise that your spent brass will land in a perfect little pile next to you,lets make some more mountains out of molehills people-geeze:dunno:

  3. di11igaf

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Ask your brother how many glocks he's had back due to a phase 3 malfunction. Remember that? Chances are hell say none, does that mean the problem never existed? Glock denied the problem for literally years ( pretty much unclearable malfunction- tap rack bang, nor lock rip rack would clear it). It took the NYPD finally seeking another manufacturer to replace all 20000 glock 19's before glock started looking for a solution. 3 weeks ago I noticed my 19 consistently ejecting left with 124 NATO. 2 weeks ago it stovepiped for the first time twice in a day with NATO. That was enough for me. I could try and fix it, but I talked to glock about everything that's been going on with it, I figured ill let them try to fix it first, they acknowledged the problem, the tech seemed most concerned with left ejection, sent me a label and ill have it back this week. I will post my results with before and after videos.
    I've had 2 other glocks (both 9 mm's ) with thousands and thousands of rounds through them, not one stoppage with ANY ammo. Not one.
    To answer your original question, with decent ammo almost every round ejects at 6:00 or to the left. Every mag..
    Now one thing I noticed, my current 19 will not eject a round with no magazine in. Never.
    it will always fall through magwell.
    My old 19 would eject more than it would fall through the mag. Does it make a difference? I don't know, just something I noticed.
    Another thing, my 19 also ejects cheap steel cased ammo absolutely flawlessly. Brass not so much.
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  4. johnd


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    May 17, 2000
    Meh, I think most here treat their Glocks like they are made of gossamer and/or are afraid of them.
    I do know that for those amongst us who carry them for a living and are most likely to get in a gunfight, they are the AK47 of handguns. Its not for nowt that most of the cops and military around the world carry them.
    Its a combat weapon for goodness sake. My own Department urged us to abuse them to see if we had any early failures...of course we didnt.
  5. F106 Fan

    F106 Fan

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Which would lead you to believe that the extractor doesn't hold the case up against the breech face tight enough for the ejector to do its job. And this is pretty much the consensus right now. The MIM extractors are junk.

    As to the OPs comments above: There are far too many examples of Glock failures including stovepiping to simply write them all off to whiners. If the guns functioned the way they should, there would only be fanboy raves. Everybody would rather rave about how happy they are than get beat upon for daring to mention that Glock is no longer Perfection.

    What you have instead of wild raves is a brush fire growing into a huge wildfire because Glock has been unable to fix the problems to the satisfaction of their customers. Remember, the customer is ALWAYS right!

    FWIW, around here Glock was not selected by the SO or PD. Both agencies selected Sigs. P226 for patrol and P229 for plainclothes.

    Don't overlook the possibility that agencies are ultimately lead by a 'bean counter' and price could be a major factor in selecting a platform. It could even be 'the' factor.