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Up until my fifties I packed a 44 mag snub S&W no issues. Then it got heavy and I got a G29. It was the cats pajamas. exchanged at times with a G17 or G21

Then I changed careers and went to a NAA 22 mag 2" then a P32 Keltec for five years or until retirement and then quit packing any thing for probably five years.

Then happened onto the P3AT, G42, PMR 22 mag.

That's where I am now with the P3AT 99% of the time and am now 75 years with a bad heart.

Yesterday for the halibut I packed my 3AT and P32 on the same side, one in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster, one IWB with no issues Both with 10 shot mags. Back to the cats pajamas. Concealed even at Wally World.

Comfort is everything to me as I put em on in the morning a take em off at bedtime.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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