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How Much Of A Role Does Comfort Play In Your Choice Of Carry Gun.

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I know that comfort shouldn't be the primary concern when choosing a handgun for concealed carry but it is A concern.

I started out with a fullsized steel CZ75B. 22 years later I've downsized to my plastic fantastic Glunk 19. There were a couple of other steps along the way but ultimately I quit carrying the CZ because it was like walking around with a brick on my hip.

When I transitioned from my 4006 to my 6906 the weight difference between the two was the primary factor that drove my decision.

I understand the concept that the gun is supposed to be comforting not comfortable but the fact is if the pistol is UNcomfortable enough I'm not going to carry it.

How many of you actually carry a PiTA gun because you feel you're better armed with it
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comfort is a big deal, and maybe a bigger deal than the caliber or capacity (if you're defending against brown bears, then caliber obviously matters more). Basically choose the caliber and capacity you are willing to carry every day and all the time. The bottom line is that if you don't carry, then it doesnt matter how many ft lb of energy the cartridge has because it's in the safe or in the glove box. And i choose Glock because of the amazingly small package compared to other brands of equal caliber and capacity. for me, in the summer i carry a subcompact and in the winter i can carry a compact...both very comfortably.
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