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How much does it cost to own a dog?

  1. I haven’t had a dog since i was a kid, so I guess I really never did as my parents had all the responsibilities...fast forward 50 some years, and as I’m pushing retirement ( wife deceased, no children) I’m researching large protective breeds ( GSD, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.)
    To cut to the chase, how much do you budget for your dog monthly/yearly, food, vet etc?
  2. I have had Dobermans and a GSD in the past, all great dogs. Currently we have a Greyhound (retired racer) and an American Bully puppy and they eat perhaps $100 month in food (I IRC). As for vet bills, Loki the American Bully just got sniped, micro chipped and tags for $325 or so, add in regular vet trips/shots and I say a few hundred dollars a year, definitely under a thousand. I would not be without a dog anymore, they are family members in our house and well worth what ever we spend.
    Good luck
    Dennis P.
  3. My dog? A freaken fortune! She's a rescue with severe ptsd, physical and mental ailments. Completely focused on me. Extremely protective of me, but my absolute best friend and I'd never give her up.
  4. My mother had cats when we were growing up. I like them but am now allergic.

    Wife and I watch a lot of vet programs on cable and I'm stunned by the cost of vet surgeries etc. One person on Dr Jeff's Rocky Mountain program last night got a quote of $7000 to fix a broken leg on a rottweiler!!

    Our last of two cats never had any issues other than a rare hairball that she cleared herself, great pet. Don
  5. That's like asking a parent how much do you budget for the care of your child.

    If you aren't committed to spend what it might take in money, time and patience to care for a dog then do yourself and especially the dog a favor - Don't get one.
  6. We have two - ****zu and Lhasa Apso. The high quality food is pretty expensive, and the vet bills are also up there. There is a lot of wiggle room for you though. We have their teeth cleaned, and some other preventive measures done that you could eliminate if you wanted to save money.
  7. I’m a Doberman type, I’ve only owned them since the 90’s. My StoliNekia, is now close to 10years old and pretty much at old age for a dobie. Cost...

    $600.00 from a breeder in Ga., I’m in NY.
    $350.00 to fly her up to me.
    $400.00 to $500.00 per year for a medical vet plan. This covers shots, check ups, the ability to get an appointment at the vet.
    $20.00 to $30.00 per week for dog food. Sometimes I think that you can buy meat and rice cheaper.
    $ Collars, leashes, and toys. If you get a protective dog, you and the dog will need to play together.

    This last month cost my wife and I around $6,000.00 in vet bills. The dog had some kind of infection that messed up her womb. It ended up having to go to a specialist for antibiotics, 3 visits, emergency surgery to remove all the girl parts, and some kind of mass was found. In my case “Nekia or Nikky” is 100% absolutely my wife's dog.

    Do yourself some research on different types of protector type dogs, including health hazards or problems that may be common to the breed. In my case, I think I should not have bought mine without seeing if it was an inbreed puppy farm or a more normal breeder.

  8. I'll spend a few hundred a year on one. If it goes much beyond that, the pound is full of others to pick from.
  9. Well, it depends. My wife brought one of our three to the vet for some procedure. She filled out the paperwork and the vet asked how much money to spend to save her life if something bad happened.

    Wife: " Unlimited "

    Vet: " Unlimited ? ? ? "

    Wife: " Unlimited unlimited "
  10. That's like asking if you save money by hunting instead of buying food. :p
  11. We've had 3 Rottweilers. Costs about $50 a month I'm guessing. Didn't matter to me. Great breed but you need to be consistent and educated on the breed.

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  12. It can be expensive, but life is empty if you don't have a dog and or cat to come home to.
  13. Seems a little harsh. The OP wanting to know if he can afford a dog before he gets one sounds pretty responsible to me.

    Shelters are full of dogs people got without realizing how much time patience and money they require. Everyone would have been better off if they had asked questions like this before they got one.

    Speaking of time and patience, if the OP has never raised a puppy he should look into how much work they are before he does. Its not just the money.
  14. All I know is.... there's no such thing as a "free" dog.
  15. 20180617_132516.jpg

    Whatever it takes.

    Like anything in life, there's no guarantee of anything.

    Except how much "your " dog loves you if you love them first.
  16. If one asks a question, one should be prepared to hear an answer. Reality is harsh and sugar coating the truth serves no purpose.
  17. Don't forget the cost of new carpet, sofa's, lawn repair, etc. Worth every penny though.
  18. There is no such thing as a free dog
  19. I’ve had Dobes for 30 years. Other than the initial cost (several thousand bc I fly em in from Europe).

    vet bills annual $200
    Flea/tick/heart worm med $40/month
    Dog food about $60/month
    I clean their teeth and trim their nails myself

    Barring accidents, that’s it...now when they get older you will have medical bills if you want to keep them comfy/extend their life. Please don’t be selfish, if it’s time for them to go let them go...don’t prolong their suffering if they are suffering.
  20. My beagle has cost me a ton but all worth it. She has two repaired back knees now and is up and at em again. $1300 per knee. Then her food is high quality stuff, runs about 75 a bag, but that's every other month.

    She alerts me to anything outside the house. Even things that aren't there. Probably mosquito farts.
  21. IMG_20200926_215346_466.jpg We have a cat too. My kid named it venom, and it lives up to his name. He will let me pet him and rub his belly, but nobody else. He brings live and dead animals into the house regularly through the dog flap

    And we have this guy. He is a GSD and American bulldog mix. At 7 months he is already 55 pounds. Gonna be a big boy
  22. How much ya got?

    ^ Same response I give when asked how much it costs to keep a horse.
  23. They are always glad to see you, will never lie to you, and will never cheat on you. Way better people than actual people.
  24. Depends on the dog.

    All dogs require food, beds, toys, other accessories, and basic vet care. So there are those expenses no matter what. But medical problems are the big costs.

    I had one dog who was a money pit. Medical problem after problem after problem - mostly congenital issues. Over her nine year lifespan, I can't even begin to guess how many thousands of dollars I spent on her, but it was a lot. Totally worth it though. Not supposed to have favorites, but she was my favorite.

    My other dog has been much more trouble free. A few minor medical problems here and there, but I've spent far less on her over the years than my other one.
  25. Sounds like you are SOSO (**** out of spare organs) should Fido get a hangnail. :whistling:
  26. We have three dogs and a cat we budget $200 a month or so for them.
  27. I spent $650 on the dog himself and probably $700 at the vet to date for a few appointments and neutering. Then there’s the usual food and treats...lots of treats for a puppy. Collars, harness, leashes, waste disposal, gates to keep him contained if need be, food/water dishes. Then there’s training.

    We did get our vaccinations at Tractor Supply, so that was a bit of money saved there. Flea and tick treatments too.
  28. FTR - purebred dogs tend to have more medical issues than mutts, but OFC that is not "set in stone" anywhere.
  29. Tree-Fiddy?

    Priceless of course!

    Rescue a mutt. Maybe a jeff too. (1 big 1 little?)

    Figure $60+ a month food.

    Vet bills... budget $1000 annual and hope it never costs that much or more at any one time but know when & if it does you'll more than likely pay it because... they're worth every penny you own or can earn?

    What return on your best bud greeting you at the door daily, tail wagging?

    Damn things cost a fortune because they're worth every penny.

    What value is the pain when they leave us to race ahead to await our arrival? (priceless memories that cost you plenty, gratefully paid)

    What is your time worth? I do think it's worth more with a K9 friend to hang with (they invest all they got into your account and they got a lot to give)

    or Tree Fiddy
  30. This^^^ is a pretty good estimate. I have a dobie and a bulldog, so mine cost about double that. I also bathe, brush, clean their teeth, and give them pedicures myself. If you get a poofy dog like a pomeranian, you will also have to have him groomed by a professional (about $50).
  31. 2 dogs 55 lbs. and 100 lbs. $100 a month for food.
    $400 each vet bills a year.

    So $1000 a year each.
  32. Golden Doodle.

    $1,500 from the breeder.

    Shots, heartworm meds, flea and tick meds, couple ear infections, couple hundred a year.

    Grooming, $90 every 3 months. They don't shed. It just keeps growing and growing.

    Food, $50-60 a month.

    Occasional medical care, say, hypothetically when she runs out the door to go play with the pit bull two doors down (inside an electric fence). $250.

    Happy children: Priceless.
  33. The bolded part bears repeating. We've had 7 dogs during our 50 plus year marriage. Only three of them have passed of natural causes.
  34. Whatever it takes
  35. Initial cost is usually about $100.00 for a rescue Dog. Sporting breeds, Retrievers, German Shorthairs and the like can be $1,000 and up. Mine, a Registered Black Labrador, was $1500.00. Dog Food roughly $50.00 per month, Worn and Tick medicine around $30.00 per month. Vet bills for shot's and examinations are about $200.00 maybe twice a year. Lab Puppies are Hell on Earth for the first year, crate training, another expense, is mandatory. The breeds also require exercise daily. Worth all this? Hell yes. IMG_0190.JPG
  36. How much does it cost to own a dog?

    Might cost your life, if you own a Pit.
  37. Another Winner for the day, Excellent Tag Line here.
    Here here! :cheers:
  38. I was once that way.
    My last dog got hurt. $400 in vet bills. No question. (Ok some “he will not be in long term pain, will be able to live a normal life...”. But cost not a factor.
    Over his life. He was cheap. No vet first 8 yrs, bulk dog food, table scraps. Maybe $30 month. Including tick, parasite prevention stuff. After surgery got talked into Rabies, bunch of other shots. $$ First two yrs. many after 2nd shot the time between increases. Plus after first they notify you of “shot days”. Where you leave dog in car, truck. Call ahead, call when there. They come to car, truck, give shot, record... hear half price.
    Much yearly stuff you can buy once from vet. Then buy online for less then 50%. I told vet I am cheap. She had list of recommended stuff available OTC, name brand, and generic. Asked I log what, when I used, bring it next time dog in for script vaccinations, checkup. Said “the important thing is the dog is protected”. Some stuff is date sensitive. Tick, mosquitoe stuff isn’t needed in MN after September,

    I would look at what you have. Secure shelter, run for the Dog? IMO $2000 first yr, $1000 after is Possible budget.
    Dogs I got, hope to find another next spring, $200 for dog. $200 vet stuff. $400 food, stuff. So $600 a yr should easily do it. Don’t forget your insurance. Check NOW. “Thinking of getting a dog. Any issues?” It’s likely certain breeds will have HUGE rate increases tied to them.
    Took care of a purebred pit bull for 4 days. Wife got call 11pm, neighbor in CO I never met. “My daughter arrested....gone in AM 4 days....person who takes care of dogs normally tested positive CIVID 19....kids....”
    So wife agrees we will take care of dogs. “But I don’t like the Pitt”
    First meeting I set ground rules. He picks them up QUICK. Grabbed my hand once. (Not a nip, bite, a grab. He had stitches from injury, I had to give medicine, cover...) he let go. I told him I didn’t allow that. From then on just whimpers if it hurt. I hated when she came back. IMO he needs a more strict owner.
  39. My vet charges more than my Doctor.
  40. A LOT less than owning a horse!
  41. "To cut to the chase, how much do you budget for your dog monthly/yearly, food, vet etc?"

    Dog food is cheap and it's not even something you even have to budget for. Years ago when I wasn't working steady I had no problem being able to feed my 65 pound Lab-Sheppard mix. I fed my dog kibble and added table scraps or sometimes milk and she stayed healthy on what I fed her. Dry Cat food was another treat sprinkled on top of the kibble especially when I explained to the dog who hated cats, that it was cat food.

    Vet bills are another story. Most dogs stay healthy and don't need veterinary care except for the occasional injury or something like porcupine quill removal a foxtail weed in the ear.

    But some dogs get cancer or diabetes or other medical conditions that used to be unusual for dogs. As much as I loved my dog, I couldn't see trying to keep the dog alive with some kind of on-going medical problem and spending thousands of dollars on prolonging a poor quality of life.
  42. Our old Lab had two ACL surgeries, but he was still worth every penny..
  43. If you’re ready to put in the TIME, effort, & some $$, go for it. If you are a ‘dog person’, you’ll get back more than put in. The main thing they want is time spent together, all else is secondary.

    Besides shelters a lot of ‘re-homing’ goes on. It’s not that hard to find what you want under 2 years old. After a few months that dog will be ‘yours’. Put the feelers out. I’m supportive, it is harder to care for a dog when single, but it can be done.

  44. Whats' ACL?
  45. ACL is a ligament in the knee.
  46. ALL your heart! The rest is completely irrelevant. ;)

  47. I'll just skip a few and say it may cost somebody in OK the farm after their sweet loving Pit killed a distant relative on my wife's side a few weeks ago. 70 something sweet old lady never had a chance.

    I'm guessing the owner didn't budget for that.
  48. It’s an ACL on a human, a CCL on a canine. Cranial Cruciate Ligament. It’s the ligament that connects the femur to the tibia.
  49. We have a brother and sister Chihuahua’s that each has had to have both knees fixed by a specialist in another state, counting buying both and everything else we have over $10,000 in each and there just 7 years old. I just spent $1650 to fence them in a large play area in our yard.