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How Many Use Revolvers for Gun Games??

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Hey all,

I found out that a local range about a mile away from me has gun games every Thursday evening and just about every Saturday or Sunday. This is a private range and it's pretty snobby and snooty so I have never been there to shoot. I have always wanted to participate in some of these gun games particularly the IDPA stuff. That looks like a LOT of fun. This might be my first chance. I stopped over at the range tonight and was told that I was welcome at all their gun shoots, all I had to do was pay the $10 fee each time. This guy had an STI Race Gun on his belt so I am guessing they were doing some kind of hi volume games tonight. He told me I would need 5 extra mags and mag pouches and that was after he told me my G19 wouldn't be a very good choice and that my Beretta would be far better.

One other pistol I have is a 3 inch S&W M65. I LOVE this handgun and it seems like it would be a real HOOT to shoot this in one of those gun games. I am thinking of trying it. I wanted to know how many others out there use revolvers in these gun games? I am not interested AT ALL in winning or beating people and that kinda stuff. I just want to shoot and have fun and maybe be able to get my nephew involved too. I am also thinking about ammo costs too and shooting 38 special lead reloads would prolly save me some money if I have to supply my nephew with ammo too.

What do you all think?

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First off, they probably wouldn't appreciate you calling their match "gun games". Second, if you were told you needed a total of 6 mags, that's 90 rounds. Sounds like a LOT of reloads for a revolver. Third, the heavy trigger pull on your wheelgun would probably slow your shots down considerably from those using a semi-auto.
i used "gun games" because they shoot all kinds of different competitions and i don't know what all of them are. I figured "gun games" would cover it.
I am talking about using a revolver in the IDPA type matches.

G19 wouldn't be a good choice? Glocks dominate IDPA and uspsa.
I don't shoot revolver, but the guys that do use a lot of speed loaders/moon clips.
i use a wheelie from time to time, 625, 646, 627, 686 SSR, or a pair of 617s. the 646 is my favorite, recoil is a bit stiff with Major laods, i wear a glove on my gun hand and still get a blister. most matches i shoot run about 150-200 rounds depending on COF. usually have about 30 used clips at the end of the day. spend a lot of time loading to shoot a little compared to the bottom feeders.

Edit, just seen your location. there's IDPA, USPSA, and ICORE at Ashland Gun Club and USPSA in Winfield, WV along with a boot leg ICORE match. With just a little driving you can be shooting in scantioned matches.
I do CAS every month. Having competitionon certainly beats out just going to the range and shooting at targets.
Revolvers are a blast in IDPA. You will do more reloads so you will run a bit slower than the auto-guys, but that is normal. Your glock would be perfect for IDPA. You are only allowed to carry 2 spare mags on your belt in IDPA so he must have been talking about USPSA when he told you that you needed 5. If you can, try all the different games they offer. You might like all of them.
We have a few revolver shooters at our IDPA matches. Why not? Especially if thats what you carry. G19 is a great gun for IDPA.
We have a section for revolvers in our bowling pin shoots.
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