How many OAFers does it take to change a light/bulb?

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by ReyFufuRulesAll, Feb 26, 2007.

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    The "other" thread has hot me thinking, and I realized there is a HUGE difference between OAFers and "normal" GTers.

    So here is my revised list:

    How many OAFers does it take to change a light/bulb?

    1 to state that they have a light/bulb that needs replacing

    2 to respond with a :headscratch:

    1 to play along with the joke and make idiotic remarks reguarding screwing

    3 to add things to the joke

    2 to reply to the above joke with a :laughabove: and a gay joke about ender

    1 to reply that he's horny and his feet smell :)ender: )

    5 to tell Ender that he is cute

    2 to openly hit on Ender

    26 to insult Ender

    1 to post a picture of an emu and to make completely irrelevant replies

    and 1 to finally end the thread by making such an idiotic reply that no one can possibly reply any more (yeah, you got it: the thread ENDER :ender: )
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    You forgot the :popcorn: and "IBTL" replies! :supergrin: