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here's my stuff:

1. Colt MK IV Series 80 enhanced model
2. Colt Gold Cup National Match Series 80
3. Springfield Armory 1911a1 mil-spec
4. CZ-97b
5. Glock 22 3rd Generation

Coming soon:

1. Colt 1991a1 New Rollmark (release date:jan. 2007)
2. Para-Ordnance p14-45 SS
3. Ruger GP100
4. Remington-Rand M1911a1

Note: Sorry about the pics because all of this FA are all in the Phils. but once my bro. downloads it in my computer i'll sure to post it.

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mine includes
1. colt 1911a1 .45 pistol
2. para ord s14.45 pistol
3. bersa .22 pistol
5. mossberg 590 tactical pump shotgun
6. colt cis baby m16 high power rifle

1. semi auto shotgun
2. ak47 high power rifle

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Originally posted by vega

Nice SxS, that's what Darwin is looking for.
cool. That's a nice car gun.:supergrin: . Hehe hopefully deenoh gets some Norc SxS this year. Said he wants one too. I think he's waiting for some more interest with the SxS to make the effort and cost worthwhile. I'll kep on waiting bro.:supergrin:

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I just got my G-22 this afternoon and shot it with the walther suppressor, super silent all you can hear is the impact of the bullet to the directory and the spent shells falling to the ground. I also got an walther red dot, walther suppressor, walther laser. The accessories is almost as expensive as the rifle heheheheheh

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