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How many guns do you have?

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i have 2 handguns at the moment.

my glock 19 and my ruger 22.45 rimfire. and i have a project 1911 that's still in pieces.

i've had as many as 5 handguns at one time : a hi capacity standard ipsc gun built on an armscor frame and slide, a para p12 with night sights, beavertail and ambi safety, a beretta 950 jetfire .25, an HK USP full-size 9mm, a kahr k9 9mm in stainless steel.

i've also owned a ss taurus model 85 38 special.

i've never owned a long arm. not an m4 or a shotgun.

(although i intend to rectify the no-shotgun situation soon enough, hehe.)

i sold all of the above-mentioned guns for one reason or another, the only one i really regret selling is the kahr.

how many guns do you have?

how many is too many? (that might be a rhetorical question in this forum, though ;) )

you ever fell guilty spending so much on guns?

if you could only own 3 guns, which ones would they be and why those 3?

just thoughts, really. wala lang magawa.
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under my name

1. Paraord 16.40
2. PT-92 Taurus 9mm
3. Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW
4. Bushmaster XM15 24 in fluted barrel
5. Benelli Nova Pump
6. Ruger 22 Target

under my wife's name(who is also an active shooter):

1. paraord 16.40
2. taurus pt915 9mm
3. Taurus PT22 .22

at isang Colt Goverment na namana ko.

Yaiks!!! Dami na pala:shocked:

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...and you see them!

Benelli Nova 26 in, Browning Target Pistol, PT915, PT22, PARA16.40, S&W 3913TSW. These are the stuff that I want to keep.

My favorite is the S&W Tactical 9. Very good accuracy and reliability.
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