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How many guns do you have?

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i have 2 handguns at the moment.

my glock 19 and my ruger 22.45 rimfire. and i have a project 1911 that's still in pieces.

i've had as many as 5 handguns at one time : a hi capacity standard ipsc gun built on an armscor frame and slide, a para p12 with night sights, beavertail and ambi safety, a beretta 950 jetfire .25, an HK USP full-size 9mm, a kahr k9 9mm in stainless steel.

i've also owned a ss taurus model 85 38 special.

i've never owned a long arm. not an m4 or a shotgun.

(although i intend to rectify the no-shotgun situation soon enough, hehe.)

i sold all of the above-mentioned guns for one reason or another, the only one i really regret selling is the kahr.

how many guns do you have?

how many is too many? (that might be a rhetorical question in this forum, though ;) )

you ever fell guilty spending so much on guns?

if you could only own 3 guns, which ones would they be and why those 3?

just thoughts, really. wala lang magawa.
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Originally posted by pogie45

if you could only own 3 guns, which ones would they be and why those ...

If you could only own three guns, you wouldn't keep guns but 'weapon platforms'.

A 'weapon platform' is essentially a weapons receiver that can take different calibers and attachments so you could, in effect, have many guns but just three platforms.

YOu would keep

1) One 'long gun' weapon platform for medium to far distances.

Example : SIGARMS SHR970 switchable rifle system. To swap calibers, you switch out the bolts and barrels. You only need to buy one rifle and that gun one rifle can switch out to .270W,.308,30-06, 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag.

In effect, you have six rifles in one platform !

I actually have one of these and I have two barrels, one in 7mm Rem Mag and another in .300 Win Mag.

Despite the switching system, this is a 1 MOA gun.

2) One 'short rifle' platform for short to medium distances.

Example : MGI AR15 BCB system. This system nased on the AR15 has interchangeable magwells so you can basically change out to anything available to the AR15 magwell profile to an AK47 profile or to an M14 profile !

3) One 'handgun' platform

Example : Strayer-Voight Infinity 1911 with Interchangeable Breechface

With one gun, your could effectively have several guns by swapping out parts.

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Intrigued by this thread, I did a spreadsheet of my handguns only.

The count : 22 handguns.


Reminds me of a line from the song 'Hotel California' which goes -

'This could be heaven or this could be hell !'.
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