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i have 2 handguns at the moment.

my glock 19 and my ruger 22.45 rimfire. and i have a project 1911 that's still in pieces.

i've had as many as 5 handguns at one time : a hi capacity standard ipsc gun built on an armscor frame and slide, a para p12 with night sights, beavertail and ambi safety, a beretta 950 jetfire .25, an HK USP full-size 9mm, a kahr k9 9mm in stainless steel.

i've also owned a ss taurus model 85 38 special.

i've never owned a long arm. not an m4 or a shotgun.

(although i intend to rectify the no-shotgun situation soon enough, hehe.)

i sold all of the above-mentioned guns for one reason or another, the only one i really regret selling is the kahr.

how many guns do you have?

how many is too many? (that might be a rhetorical question in this forum, though ;) )

you ever fell guilty spending so much on guns?

if you could only own 3 guns, which ones would they be and why those 3?

just thoughts, really. wala lang magawa.

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if you could only own 3 guns, which ones would they be and why those 3?
1. a 1911 Single Stack in .45 cal - Colt, Kimber, STI, Norinco, Armscor, etc. The King was right all along... need we say anything more?

2. a 9mm Glock - the heir apparent of the 1911, the best of the wunder 9's

3. a 1911 or 2011 Hi-cap in .40 cal - ParaO, STI, SVI, SPS, etc. Having the best of both worlds.

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Used to have a CZ110 and Walther P99QA... and other no need to mention revolvers and pistols... Sold them all.

Now I have 3 pistols and 1 shotgun:

1. Kimber Compact CDP
2. Armscor Hi-Cap (still in the process of refining it)
3. Kahr PM9
4. Escort Pump Shotgun

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We all cant have enough of these toys.

I have five now, and I hope to complete my collection soon, wish list on my sig line below.

If I could have only 3, well:

1. M4 rifle
2. a high cap 1911 in 45 (Para or STI)
3. smith and wesson 357 magnum

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pwede ba 4? :supergrin:

Springfield TRP Operator or a Caspian Recon Rail in 40sw

Steyr in 40

SV Infinity Open gun ;) hehehe

MP5..hirit pa isa ha...d naman sinabi na bawal mangarap eh...

M4 with all the bells and whistles

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1. glock 19 (meron nako nyan!)
2. 1911 single stack .45acp (malapit na mabuo!)
3. mp5 pdw (malabo yata ito...o, sige shotgun na lang, hatsan escort, mura.)

pero kung pwede pa...

4. benelli super 90
5. para p14
6. m4 carbine with everything on it.

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sali ako sa payabangan :)

1. sti open by true weight
2. sti open by first option
3. bul m5 open by jethro
4. para p12
5. franchi spas12

* too many open guns :) am waiting for my daughters to grow up para sila gumamit. :):rollsmiley: :rollsmiley: :)

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i used to have an itacha .45 but sold it already
my dad have a colt .45 mil spec WWII memento, borrowed and never returned, :frown: and 3 .22 pistols, lost them all when he passed away, i was 15 then
i have a .22 pocket with a broken trigger guard, :supergrin: , and a finely tuned llama 1911 chambered in 9mm, and coming soon, a G17...

an m-16 rifle, an elisco will do
colt 1911 chambered in 9mm
bolt action .22 LR, squibman, armscor

in all honesty sirs, pag tumama sa lotto, i want em all,

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under my name

1. Paraord 16.40
2. PT-92 Taurus 9mm
3. Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW
4. Bushmaster XM15 24 in fluted barrel
5. Benelli Nova Pump
6. Ruger 22 Target

under my wife's name(who is also an active shooter):

1. paraord 16.40
2. taurus pt915 9mm
3. Taurus PT22 .22

at isang Colt Goverment na namana ko.

Yaiks!!! Dami na pala:shocked:

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there was a time i had 3...

HK USP 9 (my very 1st...already gave it to my dad)
Para P14-45 (sold to a LEO friend)
STI Edge (currently owned)

given the opportunity, would take the same road and still get the HK and Para... :cool:

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1. m16a2 rifle colt elisco
2. HK Usp 9
3. glock 23 mariner

future toys i will buy
1. glock 32c
2. m4 bushmaster rifle
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