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How Does Gen4 Grip Plug Mount

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I got what I believe is a Gen4 grip plug as part of a deal. It is thinner than a Gen3 plug and has a similar half-moon ramp at back. But it appears to have had a little mounting nub on back that has been removed. Since I don't own any Gen4s, can somebody help with this puzzle?
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That's one of the reasons I was puzzled. I had no idea at first what brand it was so I did a generic search. Some of the Gen4 plugs clearly had the little nub like the Gen3's and I noticed mine had been cut off. I had no idea that it took a screw until I figured out what brand it was.
Glad ot worked out for you.
Here's the Pearce website if you want to upgrade to newer.
Pearce Grips GEN 4
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