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How Does Gen4 Grip Plug Mount

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I got what I believe is a Gen4 grip plug as part of a deal. It is thinner than a Gen3 plug and has a similar half-moon ramp at back. But it appears to have had a little mounting nub on back that has been removed. Since I don't own any Gen4s, can somebody help with this puzzle?
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Hey newbie, I've been here 18 years. Comments like yours are exactly why GT has gone down hill.
The Hell part shows up when you whine because you don’t get a response as fast as you want.

There is no room in a civilized society for people who hurl insults when others don’t give you what you want the moment you ask for it.

The forum’s better off without you.

You derailed your own thread before anybody else even responded.

What world do you live in?
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