How do you debone a fresh chicken (raw)

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    I want to butterfly and grill a deboned chicken. I remember that Martin Yan did a show years ago and he deboned a chicken in less than 30 seconds. Is there any video available online showing how to do this. It does not have to be that of Yan Can Cook.
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    split it down the back (spatchcock) then use a fillet knife to work out the bones of the ribcage.

    slice down the inside of the legs to remove the bones, the wings are not worth deboning.

    Jacques Pepin does it as well as anyone in the world!

    I do it this way.

    place bird on breast and make a cut through the skin down the length of the backbone.

    A fillet knife makes this easier.

    start to work the meat from the bones around the ribs all the way to the breast bone.

    do this from both sides.

    pull the leg back to disjoint it.

    cut along the inside of the thigh to the top of the drumstick.

    remove that bone from the thigh.

    use it as a handle to hold the leg as you scrape the meat from the top of the drumstick.

    whack the bottom of the drumstick about an inch from he end with the back of your chef's knife to break the bone.

    peel the meat down to the break and remove the bones, leaving the broken tip in place.

    do the other side the same way.

    turn the bird over and on the top of the shoulders make a slit on each side.

    there is a bone (a strait piece that comes off the wish bone) here that is the only hard part and the slit makes it easy. (Jacques does most of this except for the slit with is hands in about 1 minute or less)

    I peel the meat to the top of the wing and separate the bones at this point.

    (I used to bone out the wings but found it was not worth the time)

    (I throw the bones into a bag and freeze till I have enough bones to make stock.)

    At this point I cook a pound or so of chorizo crumbled with some onions and celery a chopped carrot for color and mix in some torn up bread to make a stuffing.

    I salt and pepper the inside of the meat and stuff the bird with the mixture.

    I fill the legs so that with the bones on the end it looks like a regular chicken.

    I fill the body and turn it breast side up and tuck the skin underneath to hold it together.

    Salt and pepper the outside. Roast at 500 for 1/2 hour then turn down to 400 till done about 20 -30 minutes or longer depending on the size.

    I like to get nice color on the skin.

    when I serve I make some comment about sharpening knives and then slice through the chicken like magic.

    It is easy to serve 4 or 5 people when you slice it everyone gets breast and wings or thigh in one slice.

    I really like the taste that the stuffing adds to the chicken.

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    yans the man - i saw him do it too. he counted 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 , slammed his cleaver on the cutting bored and was done.