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How do the 3- match series work???

  1. How are they different from a regular GSSF match. What is the Glock 500 club????
  2. Indoor Matches are different than the outdoor ones, but still fun. The matches are held by a host club for three months. Your highest score is recorded for each month and they will count two out of three months. If you shoot all three times, they will take your higest months: Example:

    May: You shoot three times and you shoot 478, 488, 452 for your scores. Your score for May is 488 because that was your highest.

    June: In June, you want to shoot five times, so you shoot 452, 491, 488, 485 and a 483. Your high score for that month is 491.

    July: You decide to shoot the third month and you shoot twice. You shoot a 496 and a 493. Your high score for that month is 496.

    Since you shot all three, they will take your highest two months which would be a 491 and a 496. This would give you a 493.5 average. Then, the averages are recorded of all the participants who have shot in at least two out of three months. This is mandatory as you can't shoot just one month and win. They will take all the averages and divide them using the Lewis system and give prizes and plaques to the 1,2,3 places in Class A, B and C. Those who compete in two out of three months will be in a raffle for a gun certificate from Glock. It's great fun and addicting!

    The 500 if for anyone who score a 500 in an Indoor Match. I'm still hoping to someday get one, but I keep dreaming! They are given a certificate and your name goes on gssfonline.com under Indoor Matches. You can check the winners of all the clubs and see a schedule for all over the US on that website. Hopes this helps.
  3. The above is almost correct, sorry. You shoot ONCE each month.

    Say it's May, June, and July match.

    May - 490
    June - 480
    July - 485

    They take your 2 highest scores (490, 485), and take their average, that's your score; 487.5.

    You are only supposed to shoot each month just once. You can shoot each one multiple times but only your first set should be counted for score. Their are some host clubs that run it differently, which is incorrect.

    As stated above, 500 is a perfect score.
  4. Here we go again.

    Who decided that the ranges that allow the shooter to shoot mutiple times, using the highest score, are the 'incorrect' ones? I say that the ranges that limit the shooters to one scoring run are running the match 'incorrectly'. Please state the GSSF Indoor rule that requires the range to use the first run, with a particular model GLOCK, as the 'only score' for that match.

    As stated in prior threads, I don't want to spend $11 or what ever to 'practice' with the only GLOCK I own, not if it doesn't count towards the high score for the shoot.

    Like to get this settled before this weekend as there's a GSSF-IM at the New Albany Shooting Range that I want to attend.