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How do I remove the stock front sight on my Glocks?

  1. I'm getting night sights soon, and I realized I didn't know how to remove the front sight. I assume this has been asked a thousand times, but the search didn't help.

  2. Remove slide

    Take a pen or nail set tool and just push it out from the inside, yes it is that easy.
  3. From the Armorer's Manual 2002:
  4. i use a 6" adjustable wrench and just twist them off, it's fast and easy.
  5. Pliers work as well, if you're gonna trash it.

    Don't scratch te slide.
  6. Yup. That's what the "professional" did at my local shop when he installed Trijicons on my G33.
  7. I have also used a pick to pull the "stake" out of the stock sight and removed both in such a way that they could be re-installed in case I decided to remove the aftermarket sights and dump the pistol.

    Either way will work, you just need to decide if you want the Hulk or Dr. David Banner working on your shooter.:thumbsup:
  8. +1 for pliers......I have seen a few Glock armorers just push them off with their thumb!
  9. When I replaced mine I just grabbed them with a pair of pliers and twisted them off.

    Fast and easy way to remove a 25 cent part.

    You ever want to replace it, call Glock, tell them your front sight fell off while you were shooting and you can't find it. They'll mail you another one.
  10. Now a really dumb question, does the rear site just slide out of groove with a little force?
  11. Yes, it just slides out but it requires more force than you'd think.

    Not some Herculean effort but just a little bit of muscle.

    If you're into the pliers for the front sight thing then the rear removal instructions are just as clear - get a good sized ball peen hammer, a non-marring punch and whack the sh!t out of it.

    Seriously, I've replaced my rear sights before and I don't think it's possible to save the factory rear without it looking buggered up.
  12. Sure it is, use the correct tool....the sight pusher. They come out looking just fine.
  13. Well yes if you've spent the coin for the tool. I don't think it's a necessary purchase if you're replacing the sight with something solid steel. In that case, get out the non-marring punch and start whacking. Night sights and fiber optic would get the pusher, however.
  14. Here are a few videos.

  15. I use a slightly different method.

    (1) ensure Glock is empty.
    (2) ensure checkbook is not.
    (3) take Glock, night sights and checkbook to Glock armorer.
    (4) hand all three to armorer.
    (5) retrieve Glock with sights installed, leaving check.
    (6) shoot.
  16. Excellent videos Randy - Thanks.