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How do I make a hotel-type media network?

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My goal is to have 4 Televisions that can all use a single computer for movies and music simultaneously and independently.

I'd like to be able to choose a movie or song from my library with a remote control to the tv and play it. I'd like all four tv stations to be able to do this at the same time with their own movie/song choices.

Has anybody put together something like this? How do hotels do it?

Any help?
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It could probably be done, but I would be pretty expensive. You can get some media receivers and put them on your network (wired or wireless). The media receiver would be getting their media from the PC which would be running a server type program that comes with the media receiver. I have thought about getting one so I can watch some of my movies and listen to music on my TVs.

Here’s an example of one:

There are several different one out there.
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