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How do I become a Firefighter/ Paramedic?

  1. After dispatching for the PD for almost 3 years, I've decided that LE is not for me. I've tried searching various websites and college catalogs but I simply cannot find anything that says "You'll need this cert" or "You have to have experience in this". So I need some help trying to figure this out. Any and all advice is apperciated.
  2. To get hired as a FF/EMT-P you will need to be a NFPA FF1. This can most easily be accomplished by volunteering for your local agency. Some places will hire you without this and take you through their academy, but there are lots of folks who do have this certification already, and FF jobs are pretty competative...

    Paramedic school takes 2 years on paper, and from what I have seen and experienced, it takes 2.5-3 years in reality. Local community colleges are where you get this done. During P school you should be able to accumulate all of the other certifications necessary to do the job like ACLS, PHTLS, and PALS.

    These are the basic requirements for a vast majority of the jobs I see. To be competative you'll need other areas of experience. Dispatching is a good one that you have already. Volunteering is a good way to gain more experience, like HAZMAT, teaching, SAR, etc. etc.
  3. Down here the local community colleges offer the firefighter I and II training in 3 month or 6 month format. The paramedic is offered by the same community colleges and some private medical institutions. I did mine in the private once a week class and it took me a year. I went once a week all day for 12 months. You can go three times a week for 4 hours a day for 9 months. Basically anyone can sign up for firefighter provided they have their CPR card. Paramedic of course you need your EMT which is a 3 month course 3 times a week at most places.
  4. I should ammend my first reply re: paramedic school. In Oregon, you need an associates degree, hence the 2 year time commitment. I do occasionally fly to places where the paramedics have no such requirement, and are churned out in EMT mills- er, schools. They are OK I guess- they obviously prepare you for taking your national registery test, but lets just say it's pretty obvious what the quality of their education was.
  5. I will be brutally honest with you...to be a good paramedic...it will take years of on the job training sharpening your assesment skills and just plain intuition.Everyday is a learning experiance as no 2 people present the same way.Please dont get into paramedicine just to get hired at a fire dept..I see that alot around my area...those type of folks call the ambulances buses...and could care less about the quality of pt. care they actually provide..its really sad...get your EMT and stay with that for awhile to get the feel for actually caring for pts. then if you feel its you progress on..in the long run..you will be better educated than diving right in to paramedic school after EMT. Your patients will thank you!
  6. A BIG +1 on that.:thumbsup:
  7. Locally, you need to have FF1 and EMT-B or higher to start. And then pass the regional test site. About fifteen total stations.....