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How do harley riders get away with straight pipes?

  1. I'm pretty sure it's not legal to ride/drive around with straight pipes, cars have to have cats, but I think you could remove the muffler if you keep the cats. What's the law in most places, is there a decibel limit? I can't imagine I could get away with straight pipes on my VFR or Camaro, not that I'd try, because I'm not a jack ass...
  2. Another "Straight" bashing thread.
  3. Loud pipes save lives
  4. I have a fairly open exhaust on my VFR. Nothing out there sounds better than a Honda v4! Not nearly as loud as the loud cruiser exhausts. I think they do it for attention, and to compensate for certain inadequacies.
  5. Depending on the model, some Harleys have cats in the mufflers and some in the header pipes. Straight pipes are loud but not so much if you are careful.
  6. Good question. Just saw a 2015 camaro with headers, fake cats (no emissions in his state), wide open back to the factory variable mufflers. It was very loud. I would not do that, attracts too much attention. He is an LEO, so....
  7. They just want to make sure everyone sees them while they take their Saturday afternoon ride through town between polishing the chrome and deciding what black tee-shirt and dew-rag to wear,
  8. The short answer may be; with all the Police have to deal with, straight pipes are waay low on the list
  9. Maybe, maybe not. But they can destroy your hearing, and that will ruin your life. Be sure to protect your ears when riding. Even with quiet pipes the noise levels while riding can be dangerous.
  10. V twin riders get away with it because they are too low to the ground for big fake bull balls.
    Gotta compensate somehow.:dunno:
  11. Um, no. Loud bikes are loudest behind them while accelerating, which does nothing for anyone that could collide with the bike.
  12. I rode straight piped for 3 days. 3.6l V6 CTS
    The drone noise in the car was unbearable. The guy at the muffler shop said "you'll be back". I should have listened...
  13. When I had my Dyna straight piped in the mid 90's, I would gun it going down all those narrow streets in New Orleans and would set off all the car alarms down the block.

    Relative to the legality.......never got stopped, not even once.
  14. I agree, the V4 does sound good. Even mine with the stock exhaust, though you can't even hear it while cruising on the freeway lol
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  16. Great Episode: the F word...
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  17. Here's why! :)
  18. Highly disagree. A Ducati V-Twin with a dry clutch is the best sound.
  19. I had a 2000 VFR with a Two Brothers Racing pipe on it. That thing sounded amazing.

    We have a noise level law here and they check the levels when you go though inspection. Most people just swap back to the stock exhaust, run it though, then bad to the loud pipes.
  20. That's pretty cool. I like the noise from the cam gears too.
  21. Why? Because they don't mind losing upper end power to gain noise. :outtahere::p

    State laws on exhaust modification depends on the state, as well as the locality's policies on enforcement when it comes to modified veh's. I know one coastal town who is seemingly proud that they'll stop bikes with loud pipes to check whether the exhaust is stock or modified so that it's subject to code enforcement.
  22. Because like many things, there isn’t enough time and the day to address everything. So police/code enforcement/anyone charged with any sort of enforcement just does the best they can.
  23. Loud exhausts on Bikes, cars or trucks is very annoying to most people, all it does is piss most people off ... (it's an A/H thing)
    Best was my Bimmer R 69, nice, quite bike....ahhhh days gone past...
  24. Pretty funny watching all these harley riders wearing the clothing catalog out there today. Last harley i bought was in 1999, still own it. Harley in my opinion died in year 2000 when willy g`s daughter sold out to china for their clothing and leathers. Us old timer riders (real bikers) call these new enthusiasts, plastic riders. Everything they buy, goes on the plastic credit card, even their bikes...lol. The richer ones by trailers and truck their motorbikey`s to the area they wanna ride...lol.
  25. Actually, it has saved my wife`s life 3 separate times! One guy even pulled over to apologize, and send he was glad her bike was loud because he wouldnt have known she was even near him. So, there is THAT, too. I got no problem with loud bikes, as long as they arent being obnoxious with them. But there always is that one or two jackwagons ya know.
  26. It’s their choice if they want to buy a bike. I shouldn’t have to listen to it. (Inside hotel room over AC, with TV on)
    People love attention. That’s what social media is. But you have a choice. Loud cars, bikes bother you, it’s hard to avoid it.
  27. :outtahere:
  28. I`ll politely disagree slightly... yes, louder at the rear. But you can HEAR a harley coming from a long ways away.
  29. I`m far more concerned about those idiots on rice cookers that constantly run twice the speed limit than i am about loud bikes.
  30. I really don't mind the loud pipes it's the 9000 watt stereo systems that piss me off. I really don't want to listen to your ****y ass music at 115 decibels
  31. The desmodromic valve actuation makes for a nice harmony!
  32. The ricers with open exhausts sound terrible. An open inline 4 just sounds awful.
  33. Wait until Karen figures out the number to call to report loud pipes.....
  34. Can't hear loud pipes when you're going down the highway until they're right at your window, and then all of a sudden RRRRRRRRR!!!, which will make a senior citizen jump, jerk the wheel and cause a massive accident involving dozens of cars. Save lives indeed.
  35. Loud pipes are noise pollution and scream "look at me".
  36. I have to admit, there are exceptions. If you're in someone's blind spot on the freeway, them being able to hear you could definitely help.

    Yeah, straight pipes aren't horrible if you drive/ride with the throttle position/rpm to keep it reasonable, but many don't.
  37. I thought the horn was to warn other drivers?
  38. Whoever was first to figure out that you don't have to have valve springs was a genius...
  39. There are noise regulations in many areas but I think LE simply gives Harleys a pass. Two reasons I think, too busy to go after a minor infraction and they think Harley's are that aggravating, overused term, an "American Icon". Don

    A typical Harley has 1/5th HP of my daily driver and 100X the noise. We're NW of San Antonio and about a mile from a 2 lane road. You can hear the flatulent exaust note for minutes each bike goes by. Don
  40. Hope those clowns get jacked up. Don
  41. The same reason loud stereos, loud import cars, loud diesel pickups, loud sport bikes, loud muscle cars, semi jake brakes... the cops would be awful busy if they stopped everyone who is being loud for louds' sake.
  42. Hey, a modified exhaust that violates the CVC can be an "add-on" to a speeding ticket. ;)

    When planning to go riding on some of the scenic coastal mountain state highways, I usually like to wait until a little later in the day. That way most of the scattered and broken plastic debris from the road racer bikes has been swept up and cleared from the roadways.

    One of the things that still gives me pause is to think about some of the weekend road racers coming around sharp blind curves on the mountain highways, and them dumping their bikes and careening/sliding into my lane as I'm negotiating the same tight curve from the other direction.

    I've seen some nasty MC T/C's in my career, and the results of even more of them while tooling around the mountains on my own bikes.

    One day I came across 3 sport bikes down after a curve, as they'd encountered a surprising amount of loose gravel on the roadway just where they'd accelerate out of the tight turn. (It's been suggested that some mountain residents who object to bikes racing along the hills deliberately drop gravel on the roadways.)

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all 3 riders were relatively uninjured. After checking on them, and making sure their bikes were off the roadway, I was (surprisingly) able to find a spot to stand and get a cell tower signal, and called own agency's dispatch, asking them to relay the call to the CHP and the county where the TC occurred.

    Then, there was day when I came around a tight mountain turn and saw the back half of a Goldwing, with the front half several yards further into the curve, in the side of the mountain. The rider(s) had already been cleared, and it seemed they were waiting for the flatbed.

    Then, there was the time I was the first responder on a call of a reported horse loose on the freeway, which had turned into a MC-finds-horse, at speed, by the time my partner and I arrived to find the scene. Nasty.

    FWIW, when I had a V&H 2-into1 pipe on my Yamaha Road Star, the loudness of the pipes did get the attention of a few cage drivers. There were more than a few times I'm sure it prevented them from pulling over into me, without them announcing their intention to turn into my lane - or apparently even seeing me - when I cranked on the gas. As soon as the pipes roared they made a sudden correction and pulled back into their lane, obviously surprised by my presence when suddenly looking in their side mirrors and turning their heads.

    Loud pipes can be rude, as well as unlawful, though. Riding though a parking garage and setting off a lot of car alarms isn't something I enjoyed doing, and I really tried to keep it down when in those situations.

    Fortunately, the Yamaha Stratoliner I traded my Road Star in on has almost twice the horse power and a lot more usable seat-of-the-pants torque with the stock pipes. It's also louder than my stock Road Star pipes had been, and loud enough to get attention, even stock. Nice Blat, without being annoying.

  43. Yeah, everyone rolls hot for those calls. :rolleyes:
  44. I can understand loud pipes. No problem.

    But what is the incessant need that Harley riders have at a stop light to rev it up over and over with the clutch in? Are they worried it’s gonna stall?
  45. Might vary ...

    Look at me!

    I'm not patient and want the light to turn green.

    I like the sound of my own pipes.


    Why do guys driving loud muscle or sports cars do the same thing?
  46. Something to ponder. A nice Harley goes potato, potato, potato. A ricer goes ring-a-ding-ding.
  47. If you dont she will ask to speak to your manager
  48. Of course they are worried.
  49. Loud pipes dont bother me much, as long as people arent rev`ing the throttle just to be an a-hole about it, but that rap music from 5 miles away with a trunk full of woofers sure does get to me. I can hear their license plates long before i can see them to get their plate numbers.
  50. Those calls got immediate attention ... like we rolled hot to all such calls ...