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How Cool Would it Be to Own Elvis' TCB Walther PPK??

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Hey all,

Just saw this page where an auction was held last night for some Elvis memorabilia. One item that looked extra cool was his stainless Walther PPK or PPKs, engraved with the TCB and Lightning Bolt. Can you imagine putting that baby in an OWB and heading out to a get together in a backyard with your pals where you could show off your carry piece? How many COOL POINTS you think you could rake up for packing a Heater that belonged to THE KING??

I wonder what it sold for?

Wish I had the cash to get it. I'd prefer his 1911 though.

Would you like to have it or no?

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:headscratch: never really got excited about celebrity's stuff. I'd pass.
You could have the engraving duplicated on any gun, a replica of Elvis' gun would be neat.
Elvis was my teen years. Yes, it would be cool.
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