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How Can I Tell What Processor I Can Upgrade To?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Nalapombu, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Nalapombu

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    Oct 21, 1999
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    Spring, TEXAS....USA
    Hey all,

    Looks like the old war horse needs a pick-me-up in the worst way. It seesm like every XP update that comes out my system gets slower and slower. I have the MAX amount of RAM, 4 GIGS and I have a new 300 GIG HD that I was forced to replace at the beginning of the year because the one I had puked on me.
    My system is a DELL that I have had for about 3 years now. I don't do any serious computing on this machine, nor do I do any movie making, picture editing or other processer hog applications.

    So I figure a processor upgrade would do me nicely until I get another desktop machine. My Machine is a Dimension 3000. I looked under the System Information program and there aren't any really identifying model numbers or such about my MotherBoard. The Processor is listed as:
    x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 Genuine Intel ~2992Mhz

    Before I got this machine I bought a new case, power supply and MotherBoard thinking that I was going to build myself a new machine, but since I got this one as a gift shortly thereafter, I put that other stuff away. I'm sure the MotherBoard in that one is older than the one I have in this one though.

    I know that I may have to go ahead and buy a new MotherBoard and Processor as finding a drop-in processor might be problematic. The down side to that route is that I would have to go ahead and buy new RAM and I would probably need to go ahead and get a video card too.

    So what do you think of my choices? Should I try and find a processor for my machine and "drop it in" or should I go with the new MB, processor, RAM and Video Card? That option is certainly a LOT more money than the first and that's money I can use towards more guns and ammo.

    Are there any AMD processors that you would recommend right now if I decide to go the new internals route? I'm not opposed to AMD if I can get more performance per dollar than I could with an Intel chip.

    Any advice or ideas you care to give?

    Thanks for the time and help.

  2. USMC_G19

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    Dec 13, 2005
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    Finding a drop in proc isnt going to buy you much performance. Your best bet would be to just bite the bullet and purchase a new mobo/proc combo. You can probably still use the ram from the old computer too, it may not the fastest but they should fit.

  3. havensal

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    Processor type

    * Intel® Pentium® 4 processor that runs at 2.8 GHz , 3.0 GHz, and 3.2 GHZ internally and 800 MHz externally with Hyper-Threading Technology

    * Intel Pentium 4 processor that runs at 2.8 GHz internally and 533 MHz externally

    * Intel Celeron® D processor 320, 325, 330, 335, and 340

    NOTE: Not all Pentium 4 processors support Hyper-Threading technology.

    Level 1 (L1) cache

    8 KB

    Level 2 (L2) cache

    256-KB or 1-MB (depending on your computer configuration) pipelined-burst, eight-way set associative, write-back SRAM

    From HERE :wavey:
  4. MikeG22

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    Jun 24, 2002
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    San Diego
    Go ahead and get a new one with a Intel Core 2. Having dual cores that still run pretty fast is really handy when you try to do some multitasking with say Itunes which is processor hog and then surf the web or do anything else. I went from a 3ghz with HT at home to a core 2 quad core 2.5ghz and it's amazing. Got the whole machine (HP) on a sale online with 6 gigs of ram and decent video card for like 600 bucks. Money well spent.