How can I convince my wife to get a ccw?

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by narine2541, Mar 18, 2007.

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    My wife is frustrating me! For someone as bright as she is, she can sure be stupid! Don't get this wrong. I do love my wife. I only wish she had the same interest in shooting that I do. I wouldn't mind if she came to the range with me. In fact, I'd enjoy it, and I'd probably get more range time than I do now. Also, and more important, she is a realtor, and I think she should have a permit to carry. She would qualify here in Michigan, but she just rolls her eyes at me when I bring it up. She's not a bleeding heart liberal, nor does she not see the value of my having a ccw. She often drags me along if she has an uneasy feeling about meeting with a particular client. She prefers I carry when we travel or go out. How can I convince her that she should also get a permit to carry too? I'm particularily interested in the woman's opinion guys; not to say I'm not interested in what you have to say, but I need a woman's point of view.
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    Hm. It sounds to me like you need to get her to the range with you first. If she does not handle firearms often (or seldom, or at all) she will not feel comfortable with the idea of carrying.

    Get her to the range. Tell her that since there are guns in the house, you want her to be more familiar with them. Bribe her if you must. Anything to expose her to the more redeeming qualities of shooting, to show her that she can do it herself. If she enjoys herself, she will go again, and again. Maybe buy her a basic pistol course to help her learn, to take the pressure off of you to be the teacher. (My husband did this for me. What a great idea.)

    After she becomes more comfortable with firearms handling, then she may feel more inclined to carry herself. (It sounds to me like she's content with you as the "carrier" when you are together. But what you are really concerned with is when she is alone, if I read your post right?) Anyway, the key is exposure by degree.

    You are too focused on your end goal. The bottom line is that you cannot MAKE her immediately understand why you think this is so important. You have to go about it piecemeal. Back off the CCW subject for a little while, and concentrate on improving her shooting skills.

    Remember if she does not want to do any of this, you might disagree but it will probably be useless to force her past any of the intermediary steps if she does not want to be pushed.

    Good luck! She can also get on here with questions if she turns out to be interested. We women can help! :wavey:

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    Ditto - stop pushing the CCW. Completely (for awhile). Break that whole idea up into itsy-bitsy intermediate goals. Do you have a .22? Plinking is fun...and that's all it should be - something the two of you can do together for fun, because you enjoy guns, you enjoy her company, and you get a twofer this way. Then clean the guns afterwards on the porch (or somewhere else comfortable, that won't smell up the house with solvent - it's only 30 degrees in Lansing this morning) together, let her help if she's willing, but don't make it a lesson unless she asks for that - you are just there enjoying her company. Then do it again in a month, without pushing the CCW in between. Keep doing it until she is completely comfortable with every aspect of plinking with the .22, and enjoying herself...then ask if she'd like to try a different (bigger) gun, or several, doing the same thing that she did with the .22 - don't assume that any experience/knowledge with the .22 will transfer - it took a long time before i was comfortable picking up a strange handgun and screwing with it to figure out the safety (if any), the slide stop, the mag release, etc. without anyone showing/telling me first. Eventually, do a beginners class together (you can always learn new teaching techniques from the teacher, even if you already know all the material being taught). Or offer her one that's women only, if she'd rather. The whole idea is just to enjoy the time together, so that shooting becomes fun too. Eventually, the CCW becomes a logical step in the progression, rather than a huge, discomforting hassle (well, ok the paperwork is a pain, but you understand).
    Let us know how it goes...
    Have fun and good luck!