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How can brick and mortar stores possibly compete with amazon.com? They can't!

  1. How can brick and mortar stores possibly compete with amazon.com? They can't!

    Yesterday I noticed that the fluorescent light bulbs were flickering at the bottom of the stairs leading into my utility room and the light was very dim. I decided it was time to replace the entire fixture with a modern LED light. Today I went to LOWES with the intention of buying a new fixture that would fit in the 2X2 Ft space the old lamp took up.

    Understand, I'm old tired and cranky, and it's a hot humid day. After walking up and down three long isles of various lighting fixtures and not finding anything I liked, I turned to my wife and said, "Let's get out of here. Shopping on-line will be easier."

    I returned home, looked on Amazon.com and found limitless ceiling light fixtures with the specs and dimensions listed. Because I'm doing it at home, when I found a bigger brighter fixture than I had in mind, I was able to measure the space available to see if it would fit. I ordered a bigger brighter easy to install bright LED light fixture.

    I liked the sweet young ladies at LOWES and they give 10% off because I'm a Vet. When I found the light fixture I wanted on-line, I really did not care what it cost; I ordered it. It will be delivered to my house Saturday.
  2. Amazon is taking over the world. Jeff Bezos will be king someday.
  3. I wouldnt buy from Lowes. But, thats just my preference.

    Look at all the gas you wasted. You hate the Earth.
  4. You must sell through amazom

  5. The government should break them up
  6. You do know you can shop online at places besides Amazon, right? Even Lowe’s or Home Depot.
  7. Amazon is no different than an old sears catalog.

    They have everything under the sun you can order. The only difference is they are super easy to do business with.

    think about that.
  8. Fake NGK spark plugs from Amazon is just the tip. I’ll go to brick and mortar stores whenever possible.
  9. Ya, but the old sears catalog had the advantage of the tear out pages that you could use to wipe your butt.
  10. I’m not a fan of glossy catalog stock for my anal hygiene needs.

    I’m not judging you tho.
  11. Fake **** has become a real problem on Amazon for sure. My wife wanted a Frye purse for Christmas and had sent me a link to one on Amazon. No thanks...chances of that being a fake are north of 50% so I went straight to the Frye website and bought it there.
  12. I work at a brick and mortar store that sells high end appliances and plumbing fixtures (think $15K refrigerators and $4k toilets).

    The key is to partner with manufacturers that aren't, and don't want to be, on Amazon. For instance, it's impossible to buy a Sub-Zero refrigerator online. Heck, we can't even publish the full MSRP retail price on our website.

    Brands that also enforce their MAP polices (minimum advertised price) make a big difference too. I can easily beat Amazon pricing on brands that have strong MAP polices.

    Ironically, a couple of years ago Amazon reached out to us to potentially be a supplier of appliances for them in our area. You purchase a refrigerator from Amazon and one of our trucks shows up to deliver it. We passed as it made zero financial sense with what they wanted to pay.
  13. There is no looting Amazon.
  14. I've never had an issue with Amazon, beats almost every place almost all the time with a mind bending number of choices. Do I like putting money in Bezos' pocket? Hell no but it's preferable to driving from store to store.

    One thing I cannot do is shop for clothes. I'm in good shape and lean. Most trou if they fit in the waist have so much material in the rear that it looks like I took a world class sized dump in them. Not happening. Shoes are also hard for me to buy on line. Don
  15. Had a package dropped at the wrong address once .......luckily a nice person ler me know where it was
  16. Biggest thing I like about Amazon is they sell a lot of the really weird crap that you can't find anywhere else - repair plugs for headphone cables, those plastic trim panel rivets that basically hold a Honda together, anchor kit for a swing set, stuff like that.
  17. Love them or hate them, Amazon understands the customer very well. Even returns- they credit me back as soon as they "see" the return label get scanned at my local UPS location.
  18. The only thing brick and mortar can provide for us anymore is service. Amazon isn't going to be servicing my regulators anytime soon so I still support my local dive shop.
  19. Amazon is making a killing selling counterfeit items. And they know it. I got a notice from a company I’ve bought from before saying they do not sell on amazon. They sell direct or through a few retailers only. Amazon has been notified they are selling fakes.

    Amazon doesn’t care. They claim they are innocent because they only facilitate independent sellers.
  20. I think Best Buy showed that it's not entirely impossible to compete and that brick and mortar stores can still make profits; you just need to understand your customers and adapt. Of course, it also helps that BB largely sells electronics and big-ticket appliances.

    BB understood that price matching is a must. They understood that a lot of customers will use their stores as showrooms to look at items before buying them online, so they locked in the purchases, then and there, through price matching. They make up potential matching losses by making deals with manufacturers, allowing those manufacturers to use their stores as showrooms. Again, they understood, and embraced the idea, that people want to look at the product before buying. Best Buys are essentially Apple, Samsung, Google/Nest showrooms now.

    I like how Best Buy handled it. I hope they last.
  21. Ordering crap through the mail is not new.

    Brick and mortar stores can compete. They always have.

    Amazon is better at it than old version of ordering crap through the mail so they have gained a bigger market share than past vendors.

    Plenty of people want to touch things, try them on, have a brick and mortar store to return them to, browse, impulse buy, etc...
  22. Yeah, for some things, you need to be able to physically touch and handle them before making a buying decision.
  23. They are the looters.

    Most everything I've priced can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    On line purchases have mostly been from places other than AMAZON.
    If it can be purchased at a store between home and work, I'll stop and buy it.
    B&M stores are a lot less of a PITA, plus there's no electronic money and the exposure involved when you pay cash.
  24. Like buying shoes. I cannot fathom how I wear 3 different sizes in shoes.
  25. Gotta watch out for the staples.
  26. Amazon gets the consumer better than most.
  27. If amazon sold guns and promised two day shipping with prices lower than anyone else would you go to a gun shop? That is why they are killing every competitor.
  28. My number just keeps growing.
  29. I do... I ordered online from Home Depot 10 days ago, said I would receive my order on the 7th. Still not here, no shipping update, still shows I should have it on August 7th...
  30. 'Cept prices aren't lower and the 2 day shipping is a joke.

  31. Sometimes the price is better, two day shipping? Yeah that **** never pans out unless it's a super common item.
  32. Sounds like Sears a century ago -- look what happened to them-
  33. Just to make you laugh. Working in the transportation industry....most people have no appreciation for what a pain in the arse light bulbs are to transport. When you see on the shelf in Walmart, lowes etc.

    Consider Salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Many of them do not survive the trip home. Only the strong survive.

    Not a fan of amazon.
  34. I'll be happy with just ammo.
  35. I prefer to shop local, but the prices of things I can get on line are far less expensive. As an example, I take Horse Chestnut seed for blood clots. The local store sells a bottle of 100 for $15.99. Amazon sells the identical pills, 2 bottles of $13.99. I stocked up on a boat load of canned goods in the beginning of February. Campbell's soup was $1.50 a can cheaper than the local supermarkets. Hell, everything I ordered back than was between .50 and $2 less expensive than the local supermarkets, and that included Walmart.

    I was even able to get 5 boxes of .45-70 rounds for $31 online, and my LGS is selling the exact same ammunition for $65.
  36. Ditto. I was at Lowes buying bolts and looking for compression springs for a gun project, and they did not have ANY compression springs. Not a single one in the entire mega store. I did a quick scan on the Amazon website and they had several options in different sizes. Had a similiar problem with a few parts for my toilets. If it is an item I do not need ASAP, I will buy online because I can usually find what I want.
  37. I've read, Amazon are taking over malls now too, to use as warehouses.
    Just another option for BLM/Antifa to loot, maybe?
  38. Maybe so but Amazon locker is a handy delivery option.
  39. I could order something for pick up at Lowe’s...it would be just as easy as going to the nearest amazon locker.
  40. Brick and mortar stores are an anachronism. A useless relic of a distant past.
  41. Unless you want something now not in 4 days. Or you want to try it on or maybe service is important. Or...
  42. I just watched a video today of a Amazon store being destroyed by idiots in black.
  43. Interesting, Amazon is building brick and mortar grocery stores with self checkout only. It will expand because there is market share and Amazon wants it all.
  44. On what basis? Just because they are the most successful retailer in the history of the planet (next to WalMart)? It seems some people are jealous of success!

    There are alternatives to Amazon like WalMart which has revenue nearly twice that of Amazon. They may not have the diversity in their products but WalMart is huge!

    There are still bricks and mortar book stores just because people like to browse. Ace Hardware is across town but they really know hardware. Best Buy is a few miles away and has the advantage of having products on display. Sure, a lot of people make their selections at Best Buy and then order from Amazon, I don't. Not that I buy a lot of technology, I already have it.

    I place about 20 orders per month at Amazon, not including Kindle books. Of course I don't want to see them impacted by a run-away ignorant congress. They wouldn't dare take on WalMart!

    Look at the way the AT&T breakup didn't work out. A half dozen 'Baby Bells' were formed and they merged and ate each other until Southwestern Bell Corporation, renamed SBC Communications bought the remnants of the original AT&T. Nothing changed except the names.
  45. Aren't they the sole survivor? I know Circuit City is nearly gone and it seems like there were a couple of others back in the '90s but I don't remember them. One was Radio Shack...

    Since BB is successful, maybe we should break that up too! We can't have businesses making money, they might start to have some influence.
  46. The government doesn't get to pick winners and losers ever. That's the problem, even if they get it right by accident, the goverment is always wrong. Always.
  47. Enjoy every minute of our availability.

    No Republic last forever. No reason to think ours will.
  48. I've bought two things from Amazon recently for the first time. The experience has been most enjoyable.

    Right now I'm looking at tool kits on Amazon, as well as on Lowes.com.
  49. I like Amazon and Zappos (shoes). Returns are easy, since I live 2 miles from a UPS store.