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I went to the range a couple days ago, and I shot about 60 rounds with my G25.

I don't really know how "accurate" the Glock (or myself) are, but here's a couple pics.

The center black shots, were done at 10 meters (11 yards).

The other 4 circles were shot at 22 yards (20 meters).

What do you guys think?


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How accurate is your Glock 25? More accurate than you are. The Glocks I've owned, (G20-SF currently, used to have a G30), have been extremely accurate, (and reliable), pistols, and if I missed a shot, it wasn't the Glock's fault. ;)

Nice groups.

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Check his location...He lists Lima, Peru.

I would love to own a G19 on the other hand, but here in Peru you aren't allowed to own anything over .380 or .38 Special unless you're a LEO or in the military, or, if you have some special permits and stuff which regular people don't have.

The only good thing about owning my G25, at least to me in some extent, is that is 100% Austrian made and assembled. It came straight from Austria, proof marks, etc.

Hopefully one day the laws will change and I'll be able to have a regular 9mm gun, probably a G19.

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Can you take pics of the gun? I'd like to see the top of the chamber if it has that ramp.
It does have the ramp. Do a search on my threads, I posted a lot of pics and stuff of it a few months ago, I don't have any pics handy right now.

Now, regarding the accuracy, I was just worried since the .380 is a less powered round, I thought it was supposed to be "less accurate" for some reason. Like, if you have a .380 pistol, it's usually made only for self defense and it was designed to be a very small, pocket gun, design to shoot targets at a very close range.

I don't know the usual distances at which most people practice in the USA, I go to an indoor range, and I think 25 or 30 yards is the max you can push the thing down range. I've shot my gun at 5, 10, and 20 meters, usually I do a couple shots at 5, and then do most at 10, and finally I do a few at 20.

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Looks good. Were you shooting groups?
Not really, I just wanted to empy the 60 rounds in my 4 mags, so basically I shot about 30 rounds to the center, and then did the other 30 on the 4 circles or so, can't remember.

But hey, actually, if you could explain "shooting groups" to me, I'd really appreciate it since I don't really know what we're talking about exactly.

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The upper limit for most indoor ranges here is around 25 yards (~23 meters)...most people tend to practice with that range being the upper limit for most self defense encounters as well.
Most of what Ive read have been people practicing from 6.5 meters, 14 meters, and 23 meters. (7 yards, 15 yards, and 25 yards, respectively)

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Googled it and found this:

Their chambering prevents them earning enough points on BATFE's "Sporting Purposes" test for import... this was formulated following passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968:

The Points Systems of GCA '68

Factoring Criteria for Weapons

Note: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reserves the right
to preclude importation of any revolver or pistol which achieves an
apparent qualifying score but does not adhere to the provisions of
section 925(d)(3) of Amended Chapter 44, Title 18, USC.



1. The pistol must have a positive manually operated safety device.
2. The combined length and height must not be less than 10" with
the neight (right angle measurement to barrel without magazine
or extension) being at least 4" and the length being at least 6".

Individual Characteristics -- Point value

Overall Length
For each 1/4" over 6" -- 1

Frame Construction
Investment cast or forged steel -- 15
Investment cast or forged HTS alloy -- 20

Weapon Weight w/Magazine (unloaded)
Per ounce -- 1

.22 short and .25 auto -- 0
.22 LR and 7.65mm to .380 auto -- 3
9mm parabellum and over -- 10

Safety Features
Locked breech mechanism -- 5
Loaded Chamber Indicator -- 5
Grip Safety -- 3
Magazine Safety -- 5
Firing Pin Block or Lock -- 10

Miscellaneous Equipment
External Hammer -- 2
Double Action -- 10
Drift Adjustable Target Sight -- 5
Click Adjustable Target Sight -- 10
Target Grips -- 5
Target Trigger -- 2

Qualifying score is 75 points.
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