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Housing redevelopment in Cochin

Discussion in 'Business Forum' started by JennaBarry, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. JennaBarry


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    Jul 21, 2009
    The redevelopment of the existing squatter settlements on government and public properties as well as on private lands, which are considered inevitable, should be permitted, but with certain conditions. The local groups of squatters and voluntary agencies, the non-profit organizations and the housing cooperatives should be entrusted with this work of redevelopment with the financial support and technical guidance of the government and other public sector institutions.

    What is of crucial importance is that the inhabitants will get back better dwellings and a better healthy environment with minimum dislocation. Generally, people have greater faith in organizations in which they are involved and also in voluntary associations that are working on a no-profit basis, rather than on the governments that take up such redevelopment projects with all good intentions.

    Public-private cooperation in urban renewal and redevelopment can expeditiously regenerate the prominent areas of downtown Cochin, thereby improving the quality of life of the people who reside there. This is rightly evident wherever the prominent non-governmental organizations are active and are able to call the shots.

    In Cochin Real Estate values have already gone over the roof in recent times. In such a scenario, only the non-governmental organizations and the housing cooperatives can effect a change in the urban areas of the city. Due to the high property values, the common people cannot dream of owning a house in the urban areas. Even the people with small and marginal incomes are finding such a proposition difficult.

    Most of the leading builders are now foraying into housing redevelopment. This has more to do with the renovation and modernization of the exiting old historic residential structures. Even though such works cost more, only if the venture is profitable will the leading builders take up such works.