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  1. Has passed and is awaiting the Governors signature.... it removes the requirement for FFL's to foreward a copy of ATF form 4473 to the State Police... also it prohibits the issuing of a LIFETIME license to a person who is a resident of another state...

  2. Good news on the 4473 business. I wonder what will happen to all of the 4473 copies that were already sent to ISP?

    Were ISP to act in an ethical manner, they would be destroyed, including any electronic copies in whole or part.
  3. Not much chance of that. Everybody knows the police never act in an ethical manner. It's part of the JBT thing they're taught in the academy. ;)
  4. So, wait. Does LIFETIME no longer mean LIFETIME? If someone with a lifetime permit moves out of state, what happens with this bill in place?

    If the bill prevents issuance of lifetime permits, that's fine, I guess. But if it revokes it after moving, well, that's not lifetime! Rar.
  5. I'm headed downtown right now to get my wife's lifetime LCH application put in.
  6. as far as the bill, what about DUAL CITIZENS(hip)? Perhaps that should be addressed?

    Anyway, just got back from applying. They do NOT require it to be typed now. woohooo.

    Also, they told her it would be five MONTHS wait to get it. Is that RIGHT????
  7. Ah, the truth emerges :rofl: :rofl:

    Wait, I've only seen you wearing tennis shoes, what gives?? :animlol: :animlol:
  8. Pretty close. My buddy put in for his in Jan. or Feb. and just got it the other day. It will take a while, but it will show up.
  9. i will be applying for mine this summer.
  10. There is nothing in this bill about revolking permits...
  11. One must be a resident of Indiana OR have FULL-TIME job or own a business here to apply... this has not changed... you can apply for a permit during the time of the year you are a RESIDENT of Indiana... The law NEVER required a typed permit... some local PD's required that... I was suprised that IPD / MCSD never got sued over this as it is not required by state law...
  12. I'm just saying what if you're a resident of Indiana AND Paris? Just an oddity, not really important.