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  1. Wow, what a day, I found a folded-in-half 100 Dollar Bill on the sidewalk by the El Camino. I then went on to the store on my mt. bike and bought 2 Filet-Mignons, 1LB.TILLAMOOK EXTRA-SHARP CHEESE, and a 15 Can Pack of FOUNDERS IPA BEER. Guess all that's "On The House" or should I say, "On The Sidewalk". SHOZBOT!!! Thank you GOD. Sayonara.
  2. one man's gain, is another man's loss.
  3. Congratulations! I occasionally find money on the ground. Biggest haul was two 20’s and four 1’s. Folded like a guy carries in his pocket. Just there on the sidewalk. Wallets are best for this.
  4. Few years ago dad and I were getting gas. It had rained earlier so I was pumping his gas for him, looked down and under his rear bumper was a $20 bill. I leaned down to pick it up and saw another $20. Topped off his tank and as he pulled ahead...two more $20's! Great Success! So after I filled up I did the responsible thing by going into the store, buying $40 worth of lottery tickets and putting the other $40 in my wallet.

    I still laugh when I think how pissed the person that lost it must have been when they got home.
  5. Some poor little kid will go without a meal tonight because its mother lost a hundred dollar bill from pulling a trick on a John in his El Camino.

    I hope you're happy!!!
  6. It's not yours, give it back!
  7. When I was a kid I was walking through a Smittys parking lot. My grandma and mom were ahead of me. I was ~6 years old. I saw money blowing in the breeze. I was picking it up and getting yelled at to keep up. By the time my mom turned around to spank me for not listening I had found close to $100. Needless to say, I did not get spanked. We couldn’t figure out where it came from but I think someone’s bank deposit bag wasn’t zipped closed.
  8. I found some meat, cheese and beer on the sidewalk. Sold it for 100 bucks.
  9. Well there was absolutely no one around. I couldn't believe it. I don't carry or use anything higher than a twenty so I hadn't seen a hundred in awhile. It had a prominent 1/4" wide blue stripe thru the middle of it. I wasn't surprised, the treasury department is always trying to stay a few steps a head of the counterfeiters. It musta have been good as I sure spent it at the Safeway Store.

    Next several days it's free beer, cheese, and filet-mignons. Now if the Chicago Cubs can beat the Reds tonight that would top everything off just fine. However, in reality, the Yankees or Dodgers will probably win the World Series, or maybe even the Astros or Twins. Regardless, I be a very happy man today, you see I haven't forgotten the days of foxholes and c-rats. Sayonara.
  10. You got me craving some Tillamook cheese now. I love that stuff. Real good to put on bread in the toaster for an open faced grilled cheese sandwich.
  11. I keep looking for your lost money.
  12. Reds 4 - Cubs 2, bottom of the 7th. Dodgers and Astros in the World Series. Astros will take it but I’d love to see the Dodgers come out on top.
  13. Well let me show off some of my Swedish for ya, "Ya, Ya, You Betcha"! Pretty good eh?(Canadian).

    Da mother lode and change image.jpeg
    and like hey, the 100 Dollar Bill will be going on vacation to meet thousands of new friends. As for those that lost it, sorry about that but remember Forest Gump's T-SHIRT. Sayonara.
  14. If it had a picture of a dead prez on it, it was mine :)
  15. Haven't lost any money since maybe 1979. Lost my billfold and it had around 60 dollars in it. I didn't care about the money, but a few pictures and a pocket-size birth certificate, and some other stuff. I learned from that night and always check my billfold(wallet) when I'm out and about, especially riding a mt. bike. Tough lesson for sure but I sure learned from mine. Sayonara.
  16. One time I found some money and donated it to charity.
  17. Shameful...poor kid.

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  19. I like the way you think. Minus that hope the Dodgers win poppycock.
  20. JEALOUSY SHOWN BY PROXY. What's that I hear? "Smoke 'em if ya got 'em" image.gif

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  22. when my kids were real little, the oldest daughter, about 10 at the time picked up a paper bag in a parking lot. she handed it to me and turned out there was like $60 dollars in it. we turned it in at the office of the store we were going into. 10 days later the manager called us and said no one claimed it. my daughter got to keep it and learned sometimes you get rewarded for doing the right thing.

  23. Yes, one must do the right thing, and given the circumstance I certainly did. There was absolutely no one around and the 100 Dollar Bill was on it's own, not in a wallet with ID. I have a clear conscience and will sleep just fine tonight. I have already thanked God. Sayonara.
  24. Does your generosity know no bounds? :cheers:
  25. Ah, enjoy it. I would have hit the liquor store and got two 1.75L of Crown.
  26. Does your generosity know no bounds? :cheers:
  27. That was an odd double post....
  28. whoops! wasn't implying you did anything wrong, got too far into my story and forgot what the topic was. you received a gift from above. sometimes stuff like that happens, enjoy your luck. i have found money the same way, and looked around to see if anyone looks rattled. most of the time there isn't even anyone else to be seen.
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  30. Wait a minute, there were no "mountain" bikes in 79'!
  31. I believe in sharing my seeds of prosperity. :cheers:
  32. Not a problem. That was a Benjamin...

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  33. I have spent a lot of time in bars and casinos. Its unusual for me not to find money and jewelry on the floors.

  34. I was heading out of town, at the airport, early one morning.
    I'm crossing the enclosed, carpeted bridge from the parking garage to the terminal building.
    At the end of the bridge is a bill on the carpet. There is not a sole in sight. I'm trying to get to it without being overt.
    I'm just about to it and out of no where this airport worker gal rounds the corner and snatches it up off the carpet, like it was there every morning when she passed.
    I was so sad, I didn't think to ask what it was, before she was long gone.
  35. You sure her name was Charity, not maybe Sinnamon

    you let your 10 yr old pick up a paperboy?

  36. I was walking into a grocery store one time in the pouring rain. As I was getting close to the door a very large woman in a very a very large Yukon almost ran me over backing her car out. I yelled at her and she didn't car and just flipped me the bird and went on her way. Looked at the pavement where her Yukon had been and there was $48 laying on the ground soaking wet, no way in hell I was not keeping it after her polite actions
  37. For $100 he was whoever G30 needed him to be. It was that kind of night....
  38. I once found a little over $1200 in a local supermarket’s parking lot. I turned it in to the police station, they told me they would call me if no one claimed it in 30 days and I could keep it. Never heard anything back. Price of a clear conscience I guess...
  39. $1200 buys a lot of Krispy Kreme for the officers break room.
  40. The funny thing isn't that he kept it or what he spent it on. It's how proud he is to have found it.
  41. Destiny and Chastity were busy that night? [emoji1787]

    The OP reminds me that best found money was $30 while bicycling years ago. All folded up neatly on the side of the road. Paid for lunch for a couple of days, made my week quite a bit better than planned.

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  42. A couple weeks ago wife and I were in Kroger - right in the middle of an isle a $20 bill.

    I picked it up and looked around but no one else was even in the isle.
  43. I found almost a grand on a bar room floor in Galveston.
  44. Well it probably had a picture of Ben Franklin on it, like all the other 100's, so......
  45. Awesome! Congrats!!
    I was leaving Gander Mt after eyeballing knives and firearms. I didn't buy a thing 'cause I was trying to save money.
    Walking out to my truck I spied a piece of paper 5 yds in front of me and it looked odd. Hurried walk and found it to be a nicely folded hundo, brand spankin new.
    I think if I remember correctly I hopped in my truck, drove to the Total Wine and bought some good bourbon and beer.
  46. Legally you are supposed to turn it in to the police.
  47. It's all about the Benjamin's
  48. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno.
  49. Rules for found riches:

    if it's dusted with coke or bound to an unopened condom, keep it

    if it's wrapped in a rosary, find the owner
  50. Well I wasn't riding any bike that night in 1979. Regardless, I lost my billfold and important papers, it was a tough lesson but one that I learned and haven't repeated the incident. Sayonara.