Hosted Exchange to Hosted Exchange migration

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    Aug 25, 2005
    Hey all,

    All of you convinced me to stay away from hosting my own email vs staying with Office 365 through GoDaddy.

    I am now strongly considering switching from GoDaddy to Microsoft. The renewal price they quoted me is competitive with Microsoft and I am assured by Microsoft that I will not have authentication issues with the server and outlook 2016 for Mac. In addition I will not have to call and negotiate a new price every time it's time to renew the contract.

    My question to all of you, is if I choose the more complicated route and move to Microsoft, should I hire someone to do the migration or is it a DIY kind of project?

    Also, my domain name is up for renewal. How does that work? Would I still renew it with GoDaddy and then move the email accounts to Microsoft, or would I renew it through Microsoft and have everything in one place?