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Hornady LNL complete set up

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Not really using this much anymore so I figure someone else can get better use.

Press is complete with all items as new from the factory. I also have several case retainer springs to go along with it. Press is about 1.5 years old and is still in great shape as it has been stored indoors. I would like to keep this local to Texas as I am sure shipping wont be cheap but I am open to offers if you want to pick up the freight.

I would like to sell as a package so here is what is available.
Die sets complete with busings, Hornady new dimension dies Lee FCD, Lymann or Dillion case gauge and shell plate:


Lyman pro 1000 scale
Hornady Camlock puller with .45acp and .223 inserts
3 extra LNL bushings
Lymann Dial calipers, harbor Freight digital calipers


1lb of H355
1lb of H4198
3k magtech small rifle
1k Rem 7.5 benchrest primers (small rifle)
700 Rem small pistol magnum
400 Rem Large pistol

I will also throw in various bullets and what not once I dig them out of storage, looking for a no BS haggle price of 650 picked up for everything in the Houston Texas area and will consider meeting halfway for the austin/dallas/etc crowd. Not really interested in trades but who knows, worst I can say is no.

Any questions it would be in both of our interests to email me @

JesseCJC01 at gmail dot com
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e-mails replied to, need to sell soon so make me an offer
can you give me an idea of total weight for the package and your zip code so I can check freight prices. I will make an offer after I have that. Thanks.
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