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Hornady customer service...

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by GioaJack, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. GioaJack

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    ... comes through again.

    Put in a call to the technical department at Hornady today in hopes of getting replacement parts that Zombie Steve viciously and totally destroyed. I knew they would not believe what really happened... surely that would have inquired why I simply didn't shoot a rookie loader running amuck so I came up with a more plausible story.

    I explained that the circus had been traveling through the mountains when a freak August blizzard struck. The truck carrying two of the elephants lost its way in the whiteout, slid on the icy road and struck an oncoming Greyhound bus carrying San Francisco democrats to an anti-gun rally in Topeka, Kansas. The bus rolled on its side, slid 436 feet in a north-northeast direction and came to rest against against a donkey pulled cart selling Florida grown mangos to illegal aliens hitchhiking through Colorado en-route to Juan-Pablo's World Famous Taco Stand and Jamba Juice Emporium located in Weatherford, Texas.

    The startled and panic stricken donkey dragged the mango laden cart up highway 285 crashing into the overturned truck containing the two elephants causing the rear cargo door to spring open. Elated at their good fortune the elephants decided to seize the opportunity and take an unplanned trip. Since their trunks were already packed there was no need to stop at the local safeway and pick up toiletries or snacks. Although there were many on-site witnesses our local, highly trained law enforcement personnel were unable to track them through the snow.

    I explained to the helpful gentleman in the technical department that as luck would have it my home is situated upwind of the accident scene and I has chosen that particular time to boil seven hundred pounds of peanuts for personal consumption and door prizes at a local homeless veterans of disagreeable divorces charitable function.

    Apparently the elephants detected the tantalizing aroma made their way to my domicile and crashed through my loading room exterior wall before I could arm myself with a single shot .22 caliber rifle. In their frantic search for the peanuts one of them apparently stepped on one of my LNL's and broke the primer slide shuttle necessitating my call to them for a replacement.

    The helpful gentleman informed me that it was a rather common problem and that I was the third caller this week with exactly the same story. He said it was fortunate that the damage was not caused by a ham handed rookie loader whose philosophy was 'if it won't work use more force'. Apparently the warranty doesn't cover such unlikely events.

    Replacements for the damaged parts plus spares will be here early next week... free of charge of course.

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    Mar 1, 2008
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    You know if it was a Dillon that 5 pound sledge that Zombie Steve carries in his back pocket would not have been enough to scratch that beautiful blue paint much less break the press.:tongueout: