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Lookee what me and the interwebs did!

Dialed up a recipe on the Google, pulled the Williams-Sonoma Bread machine out for dough prep and let er' rip. I'm not Jewish so I had to wing it.

Looks like I succeeded! I did add a bit of powdered garlic and rosemary to the dough batch, and I had some Kosher salt, Sesame and poppy seeds in the spice rack, so that was right on time.

Might have been the coffee thread that started me thinking about breakfast this weekend. More carb than this single guy needs in a weekend so all but a couple will head for the freezer for next weekend and after. There should be some melted butter or smoked salmon cream cheese in my future. :supergrin:

Um, one is no longer with us…it seems to have disappeared from the cooling rack…hmmmm. :whistling:

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I'm impressed! But not everyone else will be. When I posted about making Energy Bars, someone said:

I can't believe the desired product isn't already on the shelves.

Standard sized.
Labeled with ingredients
Labeled with nutritional values
Labeled with expiration date.
shrinkwrapped in convenient sizes
airtight in a stay-fresh wrapper.

For like, 1.69 or 2.49, whatever.

This looks seriously not worth the bother.
And later:

No need to be a dick about it. It just seems that the cost/benefit ratio isnt there, but whatever floats your boat. Besides, SHTF is about scrambling, grab and go emergencies, exigent circumstances. Are you gonna have to time to bake up a batch when the balloon goes up?
So, as you can see, there's no pleasing everyone. But you get a thumbs-up from me!
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