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OK, I'll get it started by showing off my modest ghetto / spartan / home gym. Image is attached. It's what has gotten me by while I'm a poor grad student.

Pullup / dip tower = $100
Rubber anti-fatigue mats = $40, I think.
Homemade med ball = $20
Used standard 300 lb barbell = $80
Jumprope = $20
2 concrete blocks = $5
Ab wheel = $15, I think

Total = $280

I actually made most of my progress before buying the barbell and I made little effort to go as cheaply as possible, so the total could've been between $150 and $200.

This setup was used very successfully for Ross' Never Gymless 50-day sample program.

I would've been better off going more extremely ghetto on my pullups--perhaps a homemade set of rings. There are several trees and playground equipment within 100 yards of my front door, also. The "power tower" is not very good, mostly due to the padded handles.

The medball is a $1.50 rubber basketball packed tight with sand and wrapped by two (yes two) rolls of duck brand tape. It weighs 25 lb. I have smaller ones also.

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I'm can't remember prices really.:embarassed:

But I have:

Power rack
Lat pulldown machine
Standing calf machine
Seated chest supported row machine
Flat bench
incline/decline bench
seated stool w/ backrest

Two 300lb Oly weight sets
Texas Power Bar (a must have!)
2 generic Oly bars
Cambered Oly bar
EZ curl bar
Fixed 80lb dumbells
Adjustable dumbells
Twelve 10lb standard plates
Mulitple handles/strap attachments
Ab wheel
Ab slant board

Jump Stretch bands, mini and purples
Complete 1-5 board press boards
Head harness
8lb med ball

Home made stuff:

4'x4' deadlift platform, 3" high, with band attachment points
Plate rack, holds 8-45's
3" high Romanian/SLDL mini platform
12" box squat box
1-5 board press boards
110lb sandbag
80lb keg
wood Prowler (83.375% finished)

Not everything is in the pics. Let me know if you want a pic of something specific.

Pitying Fools
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Nice set ups everyone has

As for me I have :

Power rack
Lat pulldown machine
Flat bench
incline/decline bench
2 generic Oly bars
Ironmind Apollon's Axle
Safety Squat Bar
Buffalo Squat Bar
EZ curl bar
5-55 fixed dumbbells
"Big Boy" Ironmind dumbbell handles holds up 225#
12" Log
2 pairs of Farmers Walk Handles
2 Yokes
Various chains
Blue and Green Iron Woody bands
Head harness
over 1000# of plates
3 tires approx 450#, 600#, and 800#

Home made stuff:

8,12, and 16" box squat box
3 18" Atlas stones approx 210,240,270#
1 20" Atlas stone approx 300#
Sandbag capable of 300#


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Some great stuff so far.

I have no photos to post so I offer a crappy description of my small garage gym:

~ 500 pounds iron
1 pr 45 lb bumpers
1 pr 25 lb bumper
I cheap chrome barbell
1 low priced OL bar
1 pair cheap chrome DBs w/ PDA collars
home made lifting platform
Ironmind squat stand w/ dip bars
1 pair saw horses
fitness bands from ironwoody
C2 erg
cheap flat bench that I will replace soon if I continue BPing.

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GJ - those stones are awesome!

Well, I was going to take some pics of my home gym but by the time I got motivated to do it, I discovered the digicam crapped out on me. So, here's a list of things...

  • power rack with pull-up bar and dip station
  • adjustable bench (flat/incline/decline)
  • 2 cheapy olympic bars
  • 1 cheapy olympic bar that became a home-made Appollon's Axle - I used 1.5" (I think) iron pipe for the fat part, and then two reducers to take up the play between the iron pipe and the bar itself - the whole thing weighs about 55#
  • probably about 600# of CAP iron plates
  • 218# of Kraiburg bumpers
  • cheapy hex dumbbells up to 55lbs
  • adjustable dumbbell bars and standard plates to make 1-100# dumbbell
  • farmers walk implements made out of 1.25" iron pipe
  • slam ball made out of a rubber basketball filled with 22# of sand
  • 20" plyo-box made of plywood
  • tire sled made with, what else, a tire, eye-bolt, a piece of wood bolted in the radius to hold weight plates
  • home-made olympic rings made from PVC pipe
  • about 12" high paralettes made from PVC pipe
  • GHD
  • Concept 2 model B rower
  • Heavy bag
  • Sand bag made from a canvas bag from Army surplus store and 100# sand
  • cheapy jump rope
  • GymBoss (awesome $20 purchase, BTW)
  • a 17' 1.5" manila climbing rope hanging from my cathedral ceiling in my great room :supergrin:
  • inversion table
  • a pair of home-made fat dumbbell handles
  • access to tractor tires that are about 6' in diameter - these are at the high school track less than a mile away

I think that covers the highlights. I do have two used kids aluminum softball bats that I was going to make into weight clubs by drilling a big hole on one end and pouring in cement; but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Thinking casually about adding the Prowler, after reading BCR's thread, and maybe some chains - an industrial supply store in town sells two "Westside" chain kits. They even advertise in one of the PL magazines.
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