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Holy Smokes Goldendog Down!

  1. Here's a link to my story.


    It's kind of like an ND story but motorcycles. Embarrasing really.

    Wear you protective gear.

    A little extra for the GT'ers. The J frame stayed put on the hip. The TRP went sliding down the blacktop in a Sidearmor holster. It was in the tailbag.


  2. Darn, that sucks! Hope you are ok though! Is that something you can 'polish' out? Can't really tell how deep it is in pics.
  3. The pipe works fine but scarred forever. I was actually fixing on getting new pipes. Shift lever and mirror are done but not a big deal. Everything else on the bike seems fine.

    The Gun will not polish out but functions fine.

    I polished the heck out of my leg and arse in the shower.

    I am lucky. If I had been wearing squid gear It would have been much worse.

  4. Any crash that you walk away from is a good crash, at least as good of a crash as you can get.
  5. Grounding a peg sucks ehh?
    Get yourself some "Draggin Jeans" or leathers ASAP.
    I just picked up a pair of A* track pants and love them.
    Glad you and the bike came out relatively unscathed.

    One of the local "stunta wanna-be's" had an un-successfull wheelie attempt and did a 40-50mph butt slide down the asphalt in jeans, he has some major road rash, almost crippled him.
  6. I guess wearing jeans has always been a calculated risk for me. I ride as my main mode of transport. I have two cars but I enjoy riding. I guess I have been too cheap or have not found a pair of leather pants I like.

    I suppose I will be on my bike again in jeans. I am going up to Reno tomorrow and finding at the least bike specific jeans.

    If I had been wearing leather pants yesterday. Aside from being sore this morning I would not be trying to grow skin. I look at my Vanson jacket and imagine what my back, forearms, and shoulders would look like. Vanson leather is some thick stuff.

    It doesn't seem I hit my melon, no new scratches on the helmet.

  7. glad you are Okay....
    i have been done at hyway speeds twice.. some parts seemed like slow motion others seemed to fly by.. some a blurr..
    glad you are allright once again..
  8. If you don't feel like wearing leathers, then get the BMW InoTex pants. It looks like jeans, it feels like jeans but it's actually a textile riding pants. After the first wash, it's comfortable as hell and a lot lighter than reinforced riding jeans. Sure, it's expensive at around $300 a pop but now I have four pairs of riding jeans that I am not even using since the purchase of the InoTex pants. Those four freaking jeans costed me as much as this BMW pants of which I'm actually wearing while the others collecting dust.

    Properly sized, the BMW pants will fit like a Levi's 501 pants. Tight all around so that the CE-approved armors don't slide around.

  9. Well you certainly would know.... :tongueout:
  10. Damn right!!! :tongueout: