Holsters Plus and AL Holster Co. has anyone use their stuff

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Line Rider, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Sep 12, 2006
    I use several different Alabama Holster Company products.

    My 2 main modes of concealed carry are a G27 in one of their Hooker holsters, although I have been giving the 360 a hard look, and my Smith 442 in one of their pocket holsters.

    For range use and OWB carry, I have one of their Ranger holsters but if you are looking for a value deal, they have an open bottom version that you can use for different length pistols.

    If you prefer a "clip" type attachment, they offer several holsters in that style.

    They make a good mag pouch and I believe they are now making a pocket mag pouch.

    Last time I looked, they were making a combo purchase pack available and it was cheaper than buying the holster and mag pouch individually.

    Reading on several other forums, their pocket holster for the LCP has been drawing rave reviews.

    Give them a shot.

    ETA- The Alabama Holster Company GSSF team, including the owner, should be at the Thibodaux, LA match on April 25 and the Anniston, AL match on June 5. Feel free to speak to them and check out the gear.
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    The Alabama Holster is the only IWB I use for my G19. The good thing is that it also carries most other Glocks, including my G27.

    They are very comfortable, solid, and concealable. Also they are priced right too at 50.00+tax. Most of the time now I forget I'm wearing it, even driving.

    With G19 CT